Sunday, November 30, 2008

Attack on Mumbai

This is another horrific terrorist attack against innocent civilians and must be condemned by all regardless of race or religion. There can be no justification for these actions when men, women and children perish for religious or political ends.

The first thing that came to my mind is that the attack has again brought about a negative perception of Islam and Muslims to many people around the world.

We in Malaysia must not allow race or religion to divide our peace loving citizens. The Govt must take note and not allow extremism in any form to exist and profilgate, to nip it at the bud.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Redneck Left Us to Bag it and made the other Wandering

This Redneck with the Houdini touch got lucky this time but after pushing aside the Baggies we were not going to be left Wandering a lot and Bolted at the end.

The Reds may well be second but head to head we are ahead against Chelsea.

Looking at fluctuating results of the chasing pack, its going to be a 2 horse race to the finishing line.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Win and We will be Champs

This is another crunch game. We have beaten the Devils, we must now give this team the Blues or we we be in Hull. Win and we might go all the way. It's been too long anyways.......

UMNO Youth President Post

Even though he is playing catch up in the UMNO Youth Prez post, the number of nominations KJ has received is impressive. All this of course has nothing to do with being the present no 2 or support from papa in-law.

It seems that Hishamuddin has endorsed KJ thru his DIvision.

KJ is hogging the MSM limelight as is expected but in interviews has never being asked heavy weight issues like the ECM-Libra episode, his Kalimullah relationship and 4th floor influences etc.

He has only denied some of the controversial matters attributed to him.

He actually reminds me of DSAI, saying one thing to one audience and another to a different audience.

All his nominations however is paled compared to what Mukhriz has received, being there all on his own. It shows the strong grassroot support he enjoys.

Lastly I fear that Khir Toyo now becomes the king maker in the battle and of money politics in the war for the post.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mahjung at Bangsar - by Samantha Lai

My uncle and my aunt's always play mahjung every weekends or when it's a public holiday!They play mahjung at the back of my house.

On Saturday they play until the next morning,sometimes they don't play mahjung Saturday.

If they don't play on Saturday ,they will play on Sunday.They start to play mahjung in the evening around 2 something and they end around 9 something......sometimes they will play until next morning that's why when I wake up to go to school I can still see them playing mahjung at the back.

And that is the end of my story.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

The spirit of Hari Raya is upon us again. Balik kampong and open house.

I was at Masjid India today and it was still crowded for last minute shopping. It was really nice to see all the happy and smiling faces especially the kids.
However my heart go out to those seeking alms all the way from Sogo right to the KTM komuter at Bank Negara.

I will be visiting my Aunty in Bandar Sri Damansara and and a time to meet up with my cousins.

Heaven help me if I don't visit and wish her. She is the last surviving sister on my mother's side.

Selamat Hari Raya all Malaysians.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Song For Anwar Ibrahim

I wont last a day without you - sung by the Carpenters

Day after day, I must face a world of strangers (Pakatan Rakyat)
Where I dont belong ,Im not that strong
Its nice to know that theres someone (Datin Wan Azizah) I can turn to
Who will always care, youre always there

(*) when theres no gettin over that rainbow
When my wildest of dreams (Becoming PM) wont come true
I can take all the madness (Sodomy charge) the world has to give
But I wont last a day without you (Pakatan Rakayat)

So many times when the city seems to be
Without a friendly face (Tok Guru Nik Aziz), a lonely place
Its nice to know that youll (Lim Kit Siang) be there if I need you
And youll always smile, its all worthwhile

Repeat (*)

Touch me and I end up singing
Trouble (Sodomy charge) seems to up and disappear
You (?) touch me with the love youre (?) bringing
I cant really lose when youre (?) near
When youre (?)near, my love

If all my friends (Pakatan Rakyat) have forgotten half their promises theyre not unkind, just
Hard to find
One look at you (Karpal) and I know
That I must learn to live without the rest
Ive found the best (Pak Lah)

Repeat (*)

Political Crisis

Our country is at the crossroads of political upheaval. No doubt about that.

Daily I read and hear about "political crisis" in context to the supposed majority secured by the PR. BN supporters, I am sure, relish the challenges ahead come what may in this respect.

I do not see this scenario of a change in Govt as a national crisis per se. It is a natural progression in any democratic process. When you command the majority (in Parliarment} you rule, period.

But, is that the wishes of the majority of the RAKYAT who have given the BN the mandate to govern?

There is no national political crisis. There is only a crisis of confidence of the rakyat in the LEADERSHIP of the Govt, not the BN itself.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Liverpool FC and the MIB

Liverpool FC has dropped 2 points against Stoke City no thanks to the Men in Black. This is not the first time that the club has been agrieved by bad referee decisions early on in a football season.

The club was penalised by the theatrics of Chelsea's Saloman Kalou last season and Pepe Reina was adjudged to have handled outside the penalty box in a goal kick against Bolton Wanderers two seasons back. Both instances ended in a goal for the opposing side as a result of the referees' wrongful decision which was proven so by replays.

The same can be said in the disallowed goal against City. Replays show the ball had crossed the the goal line without any other player touching the ball and was therefore a legitimate goal.

While credit must be given to City in preventing LFC to any further breach in goal, the result would definitely have been different if the goal had stood. City had on the outset had every intention to play for a draw. They did not play to win.

In the earlier stated grievances the referees had admitted to the mistake but the damage done does not change the result with unmeasurable consequence at the end of a season.

The same can be said here because the result could mean a place in the Champions league or even the EPL title itself in terms of momentum, morale and points dropped .

The only solution I can see for this defect is to provide for video challenges to referees decisions but only where a goal is in dispute.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 16 Expectations

The good that I can see out of the present chaotic political scenario is that it will expose the true loyalists and turncoats from either side. If it has not already ( Tan Kee Kwong, Ezam, Tan Yee Kew etc)

Jumping ship, for the unimaginable to materialise, would be mostly from those in East Malaysia, especially Sabah.

The state has a history of lalang and desperate politics. Remember Pairin’s switch to Ku Li’s camp or Tun Mustafa’s interpretation of nominated assemblymen?

Those familiar with Sabah politics can recount how fractious Sabah had developed with divided loyalties and power struggles upon the demise of Tun Fuad Stephens.

Making the state from one of the richest to one of the poorest.

Since Sabah UMNO was borne originally out USNO members, they do not share the ideals of Peninsula UMNO, having being formed only in 1991. Sabah UMNO was established for the very same problem that the present Govt is threatened with, cross-overs.

As for Sarawak the situation is less problematic. Its political mindset, if one were to trace back to the Brooke administration, is a predilection towards loyalty to authority while eschewing instabilty.

Moreover the BN State Govt seems as popular as ever.

Jumpers here would likely be from the SUPP or SPDP but the odds are indeed very slim.

Again and again we come to the root cause to the situation that the BN finds itself in, from a landslide in 2004 to a limping 2008.

That of an inept and incompetent leader who underestimated the wrath of the rakyat and the extent of disatisfaction among TunMM’s supporters.

On another note, the price of fuel is likely to be reduced but will the price of goods? I doubt it. Could not the decision to increase the fuel price wait for just 3 months?

If he had a genuine concern for the welfare of the rakyat at heart he would not have done so , no matter what.

Weak willed, lost credibility and ill advised again.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Racial Politics and Racialism

By perusing the various blogs lately, racist remarks are insidiously disguised as fact. Comments that can incite hatred among our brother races are sprinkled all over these blogs without care or sensitivity.

I am one of those people who had the unfortunate experience of the darkest episode in our history ie the May 13 1969 race riots.

It had saddened me because of the bloodshed but more because of the breakdown in inter-communal solidarity.

Ironically one of the protagonists in the this saga, DAP (an off-shoot of Singapore PAP),while still a predominantly Chinese based party is presently blossoming.

Ironic because while accusing the UMNO of being a racist party the DAP is in itself predominantly Chinese based.

Meanwhile the multi-racial BN in general and UMNO in particular has its relevancy at its lowest ebb.

Can any of the dominant political parties in Malaysia shed its communal identity and and ideology and survive? I venture to say no. The exception seem to be the PKR. But I do not consider this party as dominant. It exists only because the DAP and PAS allows its participation in their political axis.

Therefore it is inevitable that anything coming out of any individual party will be perceived to be racist,rightly or wrongly.

However, can any of of the parties within the BN be branded racist? I can unequivocally say no. The landslide victory of the BN in the 2004 GE is proof positive.

The rakyat did not think so then. Why should it think so now?

It is only the opposition who are crying it out loud with their ill perceived popularity of the last GE. The DAP and PKR know that they have to make hay while the sun shines. PAS as always, an unwilling partner, forced to into this unholy alliance for political expediency, has to go with the flow.

We can go on and on about the present social and political scenario with all the racial innuendos, we all know WHY it has developed. The present Govt does not HOW to respond. How can the Govt respond because IT was the WHY. Or is it because IT does not want to.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Press Freedom and Anwar Ibrahim

The image now portrayed of DSAI is one of a folk hero. I have to say that the mainstream print media has a lot to do with this phenomenon.

Why I say this is that I firmly subscribe to the adage that there is no such thing as absolute freedom of democracy or the press.

We know that freedom of democracy and press in as far as the social context of our country is concerned, has to be responsible and take into account the sensitivities of all the various races and religion.

Unlike western democracy or press where the rights of the individual is paramount, ours place the rights of the whole community above the individual.

That was then and this is now.

And to my suggestion that the mainstream print media is partly to be blamed in the case of DSAI, it can be summed up as follows (please note that I am referring to the English medium):

1)The NST as we know it, is closely allied to AAB. It follows that it had failed to adequately highlight and address issues that were critical in determining the last GE results.

2) It also follows that a paper aligned to a leader advocating a “freer” press is now providing fortuitous exposure and publicity for DSAI.

3)With the last GE results, it now has little alternative but to take a careful posture in as far as DSAI allegations are concerned.

3)The STAR is closely allied to the MCA . With the disastrous performance in the last polls, the paper seem to be afraid that it might further alienate support for the party thus taking some sort of “freer” policy. Pretty weird if you ask me.

3)As for the SUN, it claims to be independent but I would dearly wish they would take a good look at themselves, shame the devil and admit they have been truly anti-establishment. More so now with this “born again” freedom of expression policy.

4)Letters to the editors of the Star and the SUN sometime make me cringe. What are the editors doing? Racist remarks are tolerated in the name of freedom of speech and expression.

5)These so-called journalists in articles of these papers, except for a select few (can count with the fingers on one hand), simply talk rubbish, on ego trips, are naive but try- to-be-smart and more often than not do not make much relevant point.

6)Despite this new freedom they have not provided one iota of reference to an impartial interpretation of the Supreme Court judgement which freed DSAI in its true meaning.

One very good example is the Malaysian Today news magazine taking opinions of a few twenty something peoples’ view of DSAI alleged sodomy charges.

How laughable but serious.

Laughable because how old were these kids when DSAI got entangled with his legal problems? Thirteen,fourteen years old!

Serious because this is the type of free image they are trying to portray. Unfortunately with a wrong subject from a wrong medium to a wrong audience.

I am sure there those among you who can understand what I mean.

For those who recall events before, after and leading to his incarceration;we all know where DSAI stands and what he stood for.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tun Mahathir - Truly a World Statesman

It pains me to see that all that the country stood for internationally, during our beloved TUN MM's leadership, is fast losing its credibility as a champion against injustices and prejudices. The nation once admired, is now just another ordinary far away place on a map. From chairing the Non-Aligned Movement and OIC at the tail-end of his administration and presently to being puppets and stooges in the name of a more 'open' and 'transparent' democracy. All this in such a short space of time. The polemics advocated towards the criminal regimes of Blair and Bush, with their ill conceived lies to legitimise an illegal war (in defiance of the UN) and sacrificing the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in Iraq, have now come full circle. From where TMM started, in vehement opposition to these criminals, to the present at the helm of a monocratic empty head in subservience. Blair's presence in our country is a sacrilege. To preach us their brand of hypocritical democracy in our country implies that we subscribe and adhere to their new world order.
While once I was proud to be Malaysian, now most oftentimes my head hangs low in shame. We have lost so much and are at sea in the absence of his astute and visionary leadership.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ketuanan Melayu and the NEP

Ketuanan Melayu and NEP in its meaning and purpose have all been deliberately misrepresented,misintepreted and diabolically branded as racist by those with personal agendas for selfish gains.Events in for example countries like Rwanda, Serbia (proceeding the break up of Yugoslavia),Lebanon,India,Zimbabwe,Belgium and others have shown that when the dominant race,religion or sect does not rule or left out of the mainstream administration it is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. We have been very fortunate that the majority of the rakyat understand this,that the Malays must rule. All previous Governments since Merdeka thru its 3 dominant race party coalition (presently expanded), have been successful with a power sharing formula in the modernisation, progress and the preservation of the sovereignty of the nation until now. The coalition with UMNO as the dominant partner had always ruled in consensus, which had confounded many other nations to the point of envy and admiration, in its ability to bring about peace and prosperity among the races.It is only the reckless that questions this status of the dominant race for personal interests or political mileage.While the NEP has brought about the necessary reforms to raise the living standard and greater economic share of industry of the Malays including the ethnic bumiputras,its purpose has been made an issue to the other races but only as I said because of the manipulation by those with hidden agendas. As for me,my issue is only its proper implementation to benefit all quid pro quo.With regards to Ketuanan Melayu, I have no issue except its exhaltation and expression should be in way that will not bring about misconception and fear among its other brother races.

Friday, July 25, 2008

AmBushed Again

It was inevitable wasn't it. As soon as our PM designate found himself entangled with the law he runs to uncle sam and to his yiddish friends,who might just happen to know some people controlling maybe all of the world's media. Masters of the spin, his yiddish friends will spare no effort to sway international public opinion on his behalf or behind. Asia's 100 most influential personality might be having cold turkey after being given a cold shoulder. I read an article in the SUN daily sarcastically mentioning that the manner of the police arrest of DSAI might be due to their concerns that he would be rescued by a SEAL team. He might be prophetic. Anyway, here we have the Secretary of State of the You Ass of A no less, giving us veiled threats aginst that thing or thong. I very much would like to tell her excellency ms Condolezzy Rice to bugger off.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Protocols (of the Jewish Elders) and Holocaust

It is interesting to note that in many blogs commenting on the political developments in the country, the above seem to be mentioned as if believers are conspiracy nuts.
It would be most appropriate for those making any comment to undertake an in-depth look into these issues subjectively,as I have. While I am still skeptical but not all too disbelieving in the Protocols, world Jewish domination via Zionism exists in the form of media and financial control ( see how Obama and Hilary Clinton addressed AIPAC for the Jewish lobby) and revisionist study of the Holocaust have provided convincing evidence. Why should the Jews condemn any open forum or discussion of the Holocaust? Why is it punishable by law in certain countries in Europe to do so (can Human Rights' Organisations comment) or is freedom of speech only applicable to irresponsible anti-Islamic caricatures?

Hail Rafa (No, not Benitez)

Oh what a joy! After 5 agonising years of seeing a Wimbledon "great", true greatness prevailed. The former "great" commented-fading lights partly contributed to his loss. As though Nadal did not experience the same circumstance. What Federer felt sorely most was his inability to avenge his humiliating defeat at the hands of Nadal at the French Open. Oh what a joy!

Bloggers' Code of Ethics

Wow, bloggers in unison have gone into hiatus to cool things down, protest or something like that. What I would suggest is the Bloggers union have a written code of ethics. Most of the popular blogs are articulate, incise and palatable but there are those whether serious or in satire which tend to be vulgar in nature. No problem in that but they seem to encourage or condone comments with the same sort of language which many find excessive and repulsive. Next are the innuendos. No problem again but wild speculations bordering on slander pervade. And lastly racist remarks. Blog posts with any of these remarks just loose their credibility and certainly lack character.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Samy's Folly

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Samy's Folly

As I have often said there are many who refuse or care not to remember. Allowing an entire Israeli (Avram Grant is no more at Chelsea) cricket team to compete in Malaysia does not fit a profile of a racist. It is a profile of a brave and courageous statesmen.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

World Economic Phonymena

It would seem that the world is heading into a recession and panic buttons are furiously being pressed,especially for us here in Malaysia.I have always believed that any significant movement in the world financial markets have nothing to do with so-called fundamentals but are artificially manipulated.Case to point, the last financial crisis the country faced was the currency crisis where unscrupulous traders using huge hedge funds and the media (co-conspirators who would give negative financial reports) contrived to drive currency values downwards in the oft used “sell high,buy low” methodology for ill gotten profits.These same culprits are most likely behind the daily increase of international oil prices using the same principle.The difference here is that it SHOULD be benefitting our country but create havoc to petrol net importing economies of the “third world”.

Why this is happening is crytal clear to me.The American economy started to stutter in the advent of a (misad)venture called the invasion of Iraq on a premise of the war on terror.How could there all of a sudden (without any danger signals as would “normally” be seen by economic experts) there be a credit crunch in the US? The reality is the US government could not financially sustain this military campaign in a long term. This war,what was expected to be was not to be in every sense-politically,strategically,socially and even worse financially.Thus the credit crunch.As usual there would be a sacrificial lamb,in this case Morgan-Stearns but no problem big brother the Treasury will there for the expected bail-out. Note that such bail-outs in our part of the world would have been sacrilegious in the eyes of the western economies.So what next? In order to shoulder this bail-out and other financial contingencies,call upon brother syndicates (hedge funders) with the help of the media (with the daily dose of “because of this and that” ) to corner the petroleum market. No matter the consequenses to lesser economies should they collapse (more opportunities for financial and political gain).

Do not easily pooh pooh my observation or belief (because I am not talking of any conspiracy) but all this can only be achieved with the collusion of the policy makers,those very large financial instituitions and the international media.Who are they,who own them and what is the common denominator? They are who they are and their motive is simple HEGEMONY and GREED.

Note: SHOULD in caps is will be another post.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why Tun MM wants Pak Lah to Resign

It does not take a rocket scientist to analyse or try to theorise his motives despite what is being said and done.

1) Pak Lah was given a huge mandate in the 2004 elections, a tsunami victory as a popular phrase nowadays goes. Only one state seat in Kelantan seperated that result from a complete and comprehensive victory.
4 years down that road what did the rakyat get? Nothing tangible. The rakyat did not want great rewards, all it wanted was a continuation of peace and prosperity and in their expectations in Pak Lah's open style. Work with me he asked. Work with what? Nothing tangible.
2)Any politician worth his salt would have tendered or offerred his resignation if he or she could not even deliver his home state in any election anywhere in the world. Not forthcoming even worse still, not even considered.
3)Ditto above after losing an unprecedented 4 ruling states (Kelantan being already in the opposition).
and subsequently
4)He was the only PM in my memory who has had 2 Mentris Besar officially rejected by our royal state Rulers.
and presently
5)A leader must a firm and seen to be one and be able to reign in any discontent. While I am grateful for our brothers and sisters in East Malaysia for returning BN to power,
is not the arm twisting for more benefits (while worthy and not unreasonable) by the Sabah leaders in Parliament an act of disloyalty in the spirit of BN convention and yet they are allowed to do so.
I can give many other reasons like the bread and butter issues but why cross the bridge when a crooked one has not been built (pun intended).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

UMNO and the Emperor With New Clothes

The reaction and comments of those clinging to power now in UMNO to Tun Mahathir's quit decision is not only laughable it is downright hilarious. It is ironic and sad that I once had very high regards for some of them. Needless for me to say who they are. I liken the situation in UMNO to the story of the 'Emperor's New Clothes'. I am sure many will understand my analogy. Long may our Tun Mahathir live.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Pengumuman Keluar Dari UMNO

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Pengumuman Keluar Dari UMNO
UMNO had treated Malaysia's finest leader with such disrespect and it comes as no surprise. The whole political landscape has changed dramatically for all BN supporters who had given our Tun undivided support all these years.I am sure most will agree with me that after the election fiasco many are still bewildered and still in a state of shock except the present leadership.They have not given any indication or any pro active decisions to reverse the negative feelings and perceptions that is prevalent among us the BN loyalists. Again I ask when was the last time you felt good about your country and now I answer - when our beloved Tun was our leader.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: The Appointment of Judges

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: The Appointment of Judges

If there is a crisis of confidence of the judiciary as widely claimed and hence a commission to appoint, is this not an attack on the independence and integrity of the present judiciary? Are we to ask all the Federal, Appeal and High court judges to resign and be reappointed by this commission?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: The Appointment of Judges

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: The Appointment of Judges

My very best wishes and regards to you dear TunMM. I have been waiting for this day when I can thank you for all that you have done for this great nation of ours.Winds of change will come and go but your legacy will live forever.May god bless you and your family.