Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why Tun MM wants Pak Lah to Resign

It does not take a rocket scientist to analyse or try to theorise his motives despite what is being said and done.

1) Pak Lah was given a huge mandate in the 2004 elections, a tsunami victory as a popular phrase nowadays goes. Only one state seat in Kelantan seperated that result from a complete and comprehensive victory.
4 years down that road what did the rakyat get? Nothing tangible. The rakyat did not want great rewards, all it wanted was a continuation of peace and prosperity and in their expectations in Pak Lah's open style. Work with me he asked. Work with what? Nothing tangible.
2)Any politician worth his salt would have tendered or offerred his resignation if he or she could not even deliver his home state in any election anywhere in the world. Not forthcoming even worse still, not even considered.
3)Ditto above after losing an unprecedented 4 ruling states (Kelantan being already in the opposition).
and subsequently
4)He was the only PM in my memory who has had 2 Mentris Besar officially rejected by our royal state Rulers.
and presently
5)A leader must a firm and seen to be one and be able to reign in any discontent. While I am grateful for our brothers and sisters in East Malaysia for returning BN to power,
is not the arm twisting for more benefits (while worthy and not unreasonable) by the Sabah leaders in Parliament an act of disloyalty in the spirit of BN convention and yet they are allowed to do so.
I can give many other reasons like the bread and butter issues but why cross the bridge when a crooked one has not been built (pun intended).

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