Friday, July 25, 2008

AmBushed Again

It was inevitable wasn't it. As soon as our PM designate found himself entangled with the law he runs to uncle sam and to his yiddish friends,who might just happen to know some people controlling maybe all of the world's media. Masters of the spin, his yiddish friends will spare no effort to sway international public opinion on his behalf or behind. Asia's 100 most influential personality might be having cold turkey after being given a cold shoulder. I read an article in the SUN daily sarcastically mentioning that the manner of the police arrest of DSAI might be due to their concerns that he would be rescued by a SEAL team. He might be prophetic. Anyway, here we have the Secretary of State of the You Ass of A no less, giving us veiled threats aginst that thing or thong. I very much would like to tell her excellency ms Condolezzy Rice to bugger off.

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