Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Protocols (of the Jewish Elders) and Holocaust

It is interesting to note that in many blogs commenting on the political developments in the country, the above seem to be mentioned as if believers are conspiracy nuts.
It would be most appropriate for those making any comment to undertake an in-depth look into these issues subjectively,as I have. While I am still skeptical but not all too disbelieving in the Protocols, world Jewish domination via Zionism exists in the form of media and financial control ( see how Obama and Hilary Clinton addressed AIPAC for the Jewish lobby) and revisionist study of the Holocaust have provided convincing evidence. Why should the Jews condemn any open forum or discussion of the Holocaust? Why is it punishable by law in certain countries in Europe to do so (can Human Rights' Organisations comment) or is freedom of speech only applicable to irresponsible anti-Islamic caricatures?

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