Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Press Freedom and Anwar Ibrahim

The image now portrayed of DSAI is one of a folk hero. I have to say that the mainstream print media has a lot to do with this phenomenon.

Why I say this is that I firmly subscribe to the adage that there is no such thing as absolute freedom of democracy or the press.

We know that freedom of democracy and press in as far as the social context of our country is concerned, has to be responsible and take into account the sensitivities of all the various races and religion.

Unlike western democracy or press where the rights of the individual is paramount, ours place the rights of the whole community above the individual.

That was then and this is now.

And to my suggestion that the mainstream print media is partly to be blamed in the case of DSAI, it can be summed up as follows (please note that I am referring to the English medium):

1)The NST as we know it, is closely allied to AAB. It follows that it had failed to adequately highlight and address issues that were critical in determining the last GE results.

2) It also follows that a paper aligned to a leader advocating a “freer” press is now providing fortuitous exposure and publicity for DSAI.

3)With the last GE results, it now has little alternative but to take a careful posture in as far as DSAI allegations are concerned.

3)The STAR is closely allied to the MCA . With the disastrous performance in the last polls, the paper seem to be afraid that it might further alienate support for the party thus taking some sort of “freer” policy. Pretty weird if you ask me.

3)As for the SUN, it claims to be independent but I would dearly wish they would take a good look at themselves, shame the devil and admit they have been truly anti-establishment. More so now with this “born again” freedom of expression policy.

4)Letters to the editors of the Star and the SUN sometime make me cringe. What are the editors doing? Racist remarks are tolerated in the name of freedom of speech and expression.

5)These so-called journalists in articles of these papers, except for a select few (can count with the fingers on one hand), simply talk rubbish, on ego trips, are naive but try- to-be-smart and more often than not do not make much relevant point.

6)Despite this new freedom they have not provided one iota of reference to an impartial interpretation of the Supreme Court judgement which freed DSAI in its true meaning.

One very good example is the Malaysian Today news magazine taking opinions of a few twenty something peoples’ view of DSAI alleged sodomy charges.

How laughable but serious.

Laughable because how old were these kids when DSAI got entangled with his legal problems? Thirteen,fourteen years old!

Serious because this is the type of free image they are trying to portray. Unfortunately with a wrong subject from a wrong medium to a wrong audience.

I am sure there those among you who can understand what I mean.

For those who recall events before, after and leading to his incarceration;we all know where DSAI stands and what he stood for.

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