Sunday, September 21, 2008

Liverpool FC and the MIB

Liverpool FC has dropped 2 points against Stoke City no thanks to the Men in Black. This is not the first time that the club has been agrieved by bad referee decisions early on in a football season.

The club was penalised by the theatrics of Chelsea's Saloman Kalou last season and Pepe Reina was adjudged to have handled outside the penalty box in a goal kick against Bolton Wanderers two seasons back. Both instances ended in a goal for the opposing side as a result of the referees' wrongful decision which was proven so by replays.

The same can be said in the disallowed goal against City. Replays show the ball had crossed the the goal line without any other player touching the ball and was therefore a legitimate goal.

While credit must be given to City in preventing LFC to any further breach in goal, the result would definitely have been different if the goal had stood. City had on the outset had every intention to play for a draw. They did not play to win.

In the earlier stated grievances the referees had admitted to the mistake but the damage done does not change the result with unmeasurable consequence at the end of a season.

The same can be said here because the result could mean a place in the Champions league or even the EPL title itself in terms of momentum, morale and points dropped .

The only solution I can see for this defect is to provide for video challenges to referees decisions but only where a goal is in dispute.

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