Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 16 Expectations

The good that I can see out of the present chaotic political scenario is that it will expose the true loyalists and turncoats from either side. If it has not already ( Tan Kee Kwong, Ezam, Tan Yee Kew etc)

Jumping ship, for the unimaginable to materialise, would be mostly from those in East Malaysia, especially Sabah.

The state has a history of lalang and desperate politics. Remember Pairin’s switch to Ku Li’s camp or Tun Mustafa’s interpretation of nominated assemblymen?

Those familiar with Sabah politics can recount how fractious Sabah had developed with divided loyalties and power struggles upon the demise of Tun Fuad Stephens.

Making the state from one of the richest to one of the poorest.

Since Sabah UMNO was borne originally out USNO members, they do not share the ideals of Peninsula UMNO, having being formed only in 1991. Sabah UMNO was established for the very same problem that the present Govt is threatened with, cross-overs.

As for Sarawak the situation is less problematic. Its political mindset, if one were to trace back to the Brooke administration, is a predilection towards loyalty to authority while eschewing instabilty.

Moreover the BN State Govt seems as popular as ever.

Jumpers here would likely be from the SUPP or SPDP but the odds are indeed very slim.

Again and again we come to the root cause to the situation that the BN finds itself in, from a landslide in 2004 to a limping 2008.

That of an inept and incompetent leader who underestimated the wrath of the rakyat and the extent of disatisfaction among TunMM’s supporters.

On another note, the price of fuel is likely to be reduced but will the price of goods? I doubt it. Could not the decision to increase the fuel price wait for just 3 months?

If he had a genuine concern for the welfare of the rakyat at heart he would not have done so , no matter what.

Weak willed, lost credibility and ill advised again.

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