Sunday, October 26, 2008

UMNO Youth President Post

Even though he is playing catch up in the UMNO Youth Prez post, the number of nominations KJ has received is impressive. All this of course has nothing to do with being the present no 2 or support from papa in-law.

It seems that Hishamuddin has endorsed KJ thru his DIvision.

KJ is hogging the MSM limelight as is expected but in interviews has never being asked heavy weight issues like the ECM-Libra episode, his Kalimullah relationship and 4th floor influences etc.

He has only denied some of the controversial matters attributed to him.

He actually reminds me of DSAI, saying one thing to one audience and another to a different audience.

All his nominations however is paled compared to what Mukhriz has received, being there all on his own. It shows the strong grassroot support he enjoys.

Lastly I fear that Khir Toyo now becomes the king maker in the battle and of money politics in the war for the post.

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