Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Samy's Folly

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Samy's Folly

As I have often said there are many who refuse or care not to remember. Allowing an entire Israeli (Avram Grant is no more at Chelsea) cricket team to compete in Malaysia does not fit a profile of a racist. It is a profile of a brave and courageous statesmen.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

World Economic Phonymena

It would seem that the world is heading into a recession and panic buttons are furiously being pressed,especially for us here in Malaysia.I have always believed that any significant movement in the world financial markets have nothing to do with so-called fundamentals but are artificially manipulated.Case to point, the last financial crisis the country faced was the currency crisis where unscrupulous traders using huge hedge funds and the media (co-conspirators who would give negative financial reports) contrived to drive currency values downwards in the oft used “sell high,buy low” methodology for ill gotten profits.These same culprits are most likely behind the daily increase of international oil prices using the same principle.The difference here is that it SHOULD be benefitting our country but create havoc to petrol net importing economies of the “third world”.

Why this is happening is crytal clear to me.The American economy started to stutter in the advent of a (misad)venture called the invasion of Iraq on a premise of the war on terror.How could there all of a sudden (without any danger signals as would “normally” be seen by economic experts) there be a credit crunch in the US? The reality is the US government could not financially sustain this military campaign in a long term. This war,what was expected to be was not to be in every sense-politically,strategically,socially and even worse financially.Thus the credit crunch.As usual there would be a sacrificial lamb,in this case Morgan-Stearns but no problem big brother the Treasury will there for the expected bail-out. Note that such bail-outs in our part of the world would have been sacrilegious in the eyes of the western economies.So what next? In order to shoulder this bail-out and other financial contingencies,call upon brother syndicates (hedge funders) with the help of the media (with the daily dose of “because of this and that” ) to corner the petroleum market. No matter the consequenses to lesser economies should they collapse (more opportunities for financial and political gain).

Do not easily pooh pooh my observation or belief (because I am not talking of any conspiracy) but all this can only be achieved with the collusion of the policy makers,those very large financial instituitions and the international media.Who are they,who own them and what is the common denominator? They are who they are and their motive is simple HEGEMONY and GREED.

Note: SHOULD in caps is will be another post.