Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ketuanan Melayu and the NEP

Ketuanan Melayu and NEP in its meaning and purpose have all been deliberately misrepresented,misintepreted and diabolically branded as racist by those with personal agendas for selfish gains.Events in for example countries like Rwanda, Serbia (proceeding the break up of Yugoslavia),Lebanon,India,Zimbabwe,Belgium and others have shown that when the dominant race,religion or sect does not rule or left out of the mainstream administration it is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. We have been very fortunate that the majority of the rakyat understand this,that the Malays must rule. All previous Governments since Merdeka thru its 3 dominant race party coalition (presently expanded), have been successful with a power sharing formula in the modernisation, progress and the preservation of the sovereignty of the nation until now. The coalition with UMNO as the dominant partner had always ruled in consensus, which had confounded many other nations to the point of envy and admiration, in its ability to bring about peace and prosperity among the races.It is only the reckless that questions this status of the dominant race for personal interests or political mileage.While the NEP has brought about the necessary reforms to raise the living standard and greater economic share of industry of the Malays including the ethnic bumiputras,its purpose has been made an issue to the other races but only as I said because of the manipulation by those with hidden agendas. As for me,my issue is only its proper implementation to benefit all quid pro quo.With regards to Ketuanan Melayu, I have no issue except its exhaltation and expression should be in way that will not bring about misconception and fear among its other brother races.

Friday, July 25, 2008

AmBushed Again

It was inevitable wasn't it. As soon as our PM designate found himself entangled with the law he runs to uncle sam and to his yiddish friends,who might just happen to know some people controlling maybe all of the world's media. Masters of the spin, his yiddish friends will spare no effort to sway international public opinion on his behalf or behind. Asia's 100 most influential personality might be having cold turkey after being given a cold shoulder. I read an article in the SUN daily sarcastically mentioning that the manner of the police arrest of DSAI might be due to their concerns that he would be rescued by a SEAL team. He might be prophetic. Anyway, here we have the Secretary of State of the You Ass of A no less, giving us veiled threats aginst that thing or thong. I very much would like to tell her excellency ms Condolezzy Rice to bugger off.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Protocols (of the Jewish Elders) and Holocaust

It is interesting to note that in many blogs commenting on the political developments in the country, the above seem to be mentioned as if believers are conspiracy nuts.
It would be most appropriate for those making any comment to undertake an in-depth look into these issues subjectively,as I have. While I am still skeptical but not all too disbelieving in the Protocols, world Jewish domination via Zionism exists in the form of media and financial control ( see how Obama and Hilary Clinton addressed AIPAC for the Jewish lobby) and revisionist study of the Holocaust have provided convincing evidence. Why should the Jews condemn any open forum or discussion of the Holocaust? Why is it punishable by law in certain countries in Europe to do so (can Human Rights' Organisations comment) or is freedom of speech only applicable to irresponsible anti-Islamic caricatures?

Hail Rafa (No, not Benitez)

Oh what a joy! After 5 agonising years of seeing a Wimbledon "great", true greatness prevailed. The former "great" commented-fading lights partly contributed to his loss. As though Nadal did not experience the same circumstance. What Federer felt sorely most was his inability to avenge his humiliating defeat at the hands of Nadal at the French Open. Oh what a joy!

Bloggers' Code of Ethics

Wow, bloggers in unison have gone into hiatus to cool things down, protest or something like that. What I would suggest is the Bloggers union have a written code of ethics. Most of the popular blogs are articulate, incise and palatable but there are those whether serious or in satire which tend to be vulgar in nature. No problem in that but they seem to encourage or condone comments with the same sort of language which many find excessive and repulsive. Next are the innuendos. No problem again but wild speculations bordering on slander pervade. And lastly racist remarks. Blog posts with any of these remarks just loose their credibility and certainly lack character.