Sunday, March 22, 2009

World Economic Crisis (or really) and Zionist Implications

I have always maintained that global finance is manipulated and it follows that if there is a crisis it also is man made. Take for example the price of oil, it was reported that with the value of USD falling crude oil prices rose. My point if the world's economy is in crisis why is there still funds to speculate or speculate per se?

Also, no matter what is said and done Corporations receiving bailouts from the US treasury do not seem to take it seriously. Case to point AIG (sponsors of Manchester United) had given bonuses to the tune of US$165m. A special report on the CNN news today had an interviewee saying "how can a company reward failure?"

US President Obama was understandbly outraged. But should he be? Best find out yourself,

Man made financial crisis intentionally or otherwise is best exemplified in the most simplest (to me) of cons by the Nasdaq icon Bernie Madoff. I dare postulate that the world's finance are controlled by Zionist Jewry. It is therefore not unexpected that the economic crisis has exposed the modus operandi of using this financial clout for political influence. The crisis has had a positive effect so it seems.

I cannot help linking this commentary to Datuk Seri Anwar with his close association to Zionist Jews and whether this crisis will have the same positive effect.

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