Sunday, January 4, 2009

Genocidal Zionists

Again the world looks on as the homicidal Zionist regime of Israel rain murderous bombs on innocents in Gaza.

'Collateral' death of men, women and children mean nothing to this pariah regime.

The Jews who claim exclusive right to world sympathy for alleged genocide of its tribe in WWII are now perpetrators of the same heinous crime but being witnessed the world over.

The UN Security Council will waste its time again with resolutions that will be vetoed by the US or completely ignored by the Zionists not for the first time. The US must realise that they are complicit to this Genocide should they do veto any resolution.

This is again another proof positive of the fact that any US President is subservient to the Jewish lobby.

Obama is due to be elected the next US President and this is an action by the Jewish lobby to test his allegience.

While Hamas may be blamed for the present predicament two wrongs never make one right.

The Zionist regime has shown in the past that it be CAN be tolerent if it wants to as in the case of the Kuwaiti invasion by Iraq when it stayed on the sidelines despite being provocated.

Therefore whatever reasons it has for this atrocity will not hold water.