Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Barisan Nasional must contest the Penanti By-election,

The decision of the Barisan Nasional in not contesting the Penanti by-election is not a wise one. My view as a BN supporter and what can be perceived from this decision, are as follows:

1) BN does not have viable candidates.

In any state election it is desirous and has been proven that a local candidate of good character and standing has a better advantage over any other. Surely, the BN after so many years of ruling the state, CAN provide a suitable candidate with the proper qualifications and a proven track record of serving the rakyat. The rakyat WILL accept an honest and hard working candidate who has been known and is willing to serve. BN party grassroots know which person can fit the bill. It is incumbent that the BN put its feet and ears to the ground and listen to the grassroots. Only they, the grassroots, know what are the issues that effect them and need addressing to. BN by now, must realise that the days of deciding on the candidate thru patronage and lobbying, is over.

2) BN is abandoning the electorate and that they are not important.

By contesting, whether it is a foregone conclusion or not, BN conveys a message that it has the rakyats welfare at heart - first and foremost. That the BN is willing to play a greater role to provide and deliver, thereby meeting the aspirations of the electorate - even though it is now the opposition in the state.

3) BN has no self belief (that it can win).

A proper candidate, right spirit and co-operation among the component parties together with an effective campaign, CAN swing the votes in BN's favour. One must always carry on with the struggle. The unexpected happens everyday in our lives, extraneous but fortuitous turn of events do occur. Fortune favours the brave. You must ALWAYS believe that you CAN and WILL win for the RIGHT reasons and JUST cause.

4) BN has a defeatist attitude.

To surrender even before the lines are drawn is a sign of cowardice. No Sun Tsu art-of-war kungfu required. It is a straight from the heart telling to the rakyat, YOU HAVE SPOKEN and BN IS LISTENING. You NEVER give up the fight for the sake of the rakyat. BN has everything to win and nothing to lose.

5) BN contests with the intention ONLY to WIN. It must contest to win with the SOLE intention to SERVE.

Got chance to win only then contest ah? What is this? You contest because you want to serve. Elections is not about winning or losing. Its about a desire to uplift and
see to the needs and wants of the rakyat. You want to win to have a voice and BETTER serve, in government or opposition.

6) BN regards this by-election as a convenient distraction rather than an OPPORTUNITY to regain the peoples trust and faith.

Whatever reasons resultant to this by-election is not important. This IS an OPPORTUNITY. From now to the next GE, BN must utilise every opportunity arising to address the rakyat. What better platform than a by-election to send YOUR message? Use the opportunity to your advantage.

7) BN has considered itself irrelevant and void of credibility.

BN is saying the coalition does not matter to the rakyat any more. Of course BN matters and that is why it must contest. Tell the rakyat, BN is down but not out. BN is here to stay. It has a vision and a mission to accomplish by 2020 and beyond.

8) BN does not have the strategies,solutions and formula to counter the opposition's maneuvers.

BN must not send a negative message to its component party cadres. BN is fluid. It can face challenges by reinventing and it can innovate. It has the resources at its disposal to utilise eruditely for this purpose. There are many ways to reach the rakyat. BN is not devoid of issues that can be raised. There are many issues in the state (and other opposition states), expressed in a constructive manner, that can exploited. There battle for the hearts and minds of the rakyat is continous. There is no endgame.

9) BN is not interested to offer an effective opposition for the electorate.

BN must accept the reality that it is the opposition party in the Penang state. BN has a duty to act as a dignified opposition and conduct itself responsibly as such. Then the electorate can make a comparison or contrast the BN as the opposition, against the oppsition in states governed by the BN. Therefore it must take every occasion that is thrust upon the BN coalition to increase its voice in the state assembly. The by-election thus provides the electorate a choice to elect an effective opposition with considerable resources and a check and balance in the assembly. This is being the duty of an elected representative besides providing the necessary service for constituency.

GE 12 had inflicted a heavy blow to BN but not to democracy. For as long as democracy is thriving in our country so will Barisan Nasional. BN must exhibit itself as the most competent and reliable Government. Losing is nothing new to BN but winning is something new to the opposition. The opposition has a long way to go to have the experience and expertise to govern, BN has always governed. And so it must show that it will continue to do so.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama-Will there be change?

Lest the rest of the world expect any significant shift in important policies, Obama in this his 100 days report card

"But on a number of his most important actions, his administration showed much
more continuity with the Bush regime than many of his supporters would have
First, the array of programs that his chief economic adviser
Larry Summers and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner have hatched to rescue the banking system
are extensions of the pro-Wall Street bailout policies of their predecessors
under Henry Paulson,
Bush’s treasury secretary and the former head of Goldman Sachs. These plans
amount to a huge transfer of wealth from working people to the banking
establishment that is largely responsible for the economic crisis.
Obama and
his advisers have swatted away liberal critics of their coddling of Wall Street,
like Nobel Prize-winning economists Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz. They have even tried to deflect outrage
aimed at Wall Street titans who used taxpayers’ money to pay themselves
outlandish bonuses.
Obama told a group of bankers at the White House that he
was “the only thing [standing] between you and the pitchforks” of angry people
demanding an end to Washington’s favoritism to Wall Street, according to the
Washington-based newsletter Politico. If that quote is accurate, then Obama is
quite conscious of his role in fronting for Wall Street, while saying that he
“feels the pain” of Main Street.
Second, it was largely predictable that
Obama would reaffirm a number of the most heinous Bush policies from the “war on
Presidential power is cumulative. Once one president seizes it, his
successors don’t give it up willingly. From refusing to prosecute authors of the
recently released “torture memos” to intervening on behalf of secrecy and
against civil liberties in a number of “war on terror” court cases left over
from the Bush years, the administration is signaling to the U.S. national
security establishment that it has no intention of rolling back policy to a pre-September 11,
2001 state.
Coupled with plans to step up intervention in Afghanistan and
increase the military budget (carping from conservatives about the “cuts” in the
military aside), the military certainly has nothing to fear from the Obama era."

demonstrates the usual American Administration propensity to appease the Financial and Military elite.

Enuff said