Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Catholic Herald, Our God by any other name is still our God

My position is clear. No matter what has been said and done and I have perused the pros and cons in the blogosphere, it has not changed.

The Herald must stop this action because there is an alternative word ie "Tuhan".

While I share the concerns of my brother Catholics (and Christians) of the possible repercussions or consequences should the Herald does drop its action, lets do it first and foremost for the sake of solidarity and harmony of our nation.

(I could ask a very sticky and hypothetical question here, unrelated yet most relevant but I won't. It might, no will, stir the hornets nest and open pandora's box.)

EVERYONE concerned can then come together for a sensible, logical and acceptable solution to this contentious issue.

Let's resolve this issue as the first step towards reconciliation and goodwill.

Should there be any sinister motive on the part of the Govt, their future actions related to this issue will reveal their sincerity or other agenda.

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Our God by any other name is still our God.

Please take the poll.

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