Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Herald Action, Conversely

Read MSM papers today (15 Jan) and found especially most refreshing in The SUN the article by Terence Fernandez, who took the time of his expose' duties to come out with a piece which I am in total agreement.

Ironically but positively, the Herald action had created a unifying voice of moderation and tolerance, as any good citizen would expect. Like TF's and many others, like this from Dr Chris Anthony, I welcome your voices of good reason.

In contrast and diametrically to my position of the Herald issue, fellow blogger "Putt for Change" is uncompromising.

BN component parties would do well to take serious note of grievances of our fellow Sabahan citizens. It is a fact that Sabah, once a rich state, has deteriorated to being one of the poorest. This issue has given them a window to vent their frustrations.

The link is here and this was my response.

"Dear Ronnie,

That is punching below the belt where one's personal life is concerned. One of your commentators is right. What a person does in this life is between him and god in the afterlife.

That being said, it is good you did not elaborate too much, just enough to be in context.

The positive thing that has come out of the Herald action (which I do not agree with), is that ALL Malaysians are against any form of irresponsible retaliation. These heinous acts of burning and desecration of places of worship has been very widely condemned and rightly so.

These are the actions of opportunists, extremists and criminals.

Also, I wish to thank my Muslim brothers here in WM for their magnanimous gesture to provide safe harbour for our Sunday obligations.

In as far as Hishammuddin is concerned, let him and the police get on with the job to nab the culprits.

Opportunist elements acting independently can easily discredit him (and in the process, the Govt) by these reckless deeds, after his statement.

Ronnie, sorry to use this space to call upon all BN component parties to take heed of the needs and welfare of my fellow brothers and sisters in Sabah. The rakyat is now very much more mature to comprehend issues. They are now more aware politically and socially and should not be taken for granted.

Let us take a 'time out' on this issue and let the relevant parties ponder,reflect and decide.

Take good care and best regards to brothers and sisters of ALL faiths in Sabah."


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