Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why All the Trouble? The Herald Action.

Protestantism emerged because of actions like this. That is, when the majority in who disagree with this type of deed by the Church, decide to breakaway.

Interestingly the Church in China has Bishops but are not recognised by the Vatican. A very lengthy link is here. The point I am trying to make is that one’s religious practise must be in tandem with the social and political environment he resides.

What I firmly believe is that the Church here is being pulled by its nose by POLITICIANS with not so hidden agendas. The faithful will always follow and trusts whatever the Archbishop decides. In this case, the Vatican may or not be aware (I believe it must be aware) of the situation but will intercede when the situation becomes untenable. Either way, being silent or ignorant of the matter does not show a sincere reconciliatory attitude with Muslim brotherhood, which it promulgates.

As always and not only restricted to this case, it becomes extremely dangerous when POLITICIANS are behind actions that solely benefit their agendas and not for its true intention. More so when the action has religious ramifications.

The action is truly frivolous. I do not understand how the judgement could have passed without any qualification by the learned Judge. Which means to say, citing the Constituition she had no choice but that the party to the action could easily avoid any distress and grievance by just using the word ‘Tuhan’ in the Herald.


Anonymous said...

I came across your comment in JMD. You are one brave person to speak up. I know of Christian friends who privately disagree with this Herald action. What you win in the court of law, you lose goodwill on the ground. For what?
I've lived in the US and had spent some time in the Bible belt. As far as I know, "Allah" is anathema to them.
This issue is being argued back and forth, I read it all -- for and against. I'm not more knowledgeable or learned to add to the debate. I'm just an ordinary Msian, a Muslim, a Confident one (but still an idiot for not favouring the court ruling, according to a famous blogger) and I pray very hard all sides will remember we have only one country.
To you my brother, I say Assalamualaikum. Let's keep our channels open in these trying times. To end, I celebrate a line from our revered Quran: Unto you your religion, Unto us ours.


Anonymous said...

yes, I agree with u. i am a catholic but i do not use the word allah in my worship. in fact i feel uncomfortable doing so. the church in this instance never conducted a referedum to establish if we want to use allah. they just assume that they can decide for the rest of us. this to me smacks of pride which is a great sin in itself.


Freddie Kevin said...


What is knowledge without common sense.

I am truly humbled that my Muslim brothers have come forward to provide security in the aftermath as a result of the Herald action, for my church prayers last Sunday 10 Jan.

You and the above mentioned brothers are the type of Muslims that makes me proud to be Malaysian.

It is to your sensitivities that I
strongly object to the Herald action.

Mualaikum salam


I am sure there are many us out there who share similar sentiments as you and I. I feel the same way as you described your feelings.

It needs to be established whether this action is being directed by the Vatican or unseen hands with hidden motives. If it is solely the action by our Church in Malaysia, then it is reckless and irresponsible.

God bless you.

Zainudin said...

freddie brother

i feel if brother pakiam is adamant about using the word "Allah" in his Bible, he may go ahead and do so but he better be confining the use of it in churches in Sabah and Sarawak only and for Bahasa Malaysia speaking non-Muslim members. Nevertheless, i think deep in his heart brother pakiam himself knows what he takes to court for judgement is not quite correct. If he could breathe God's oxygen and not for a second rethink what he had done, i have a lot of salute for him that he could live with this denial.

The best is still to withdraw his suit. It has served the purpose of him bringing it to court, i think (whatever that may be).

Assalamualaikum. brother pakiam might as well use this very beautifully meant greeting of the Muslims in his bible too.

Man-made laws may have flaws, so never never apply any of them in God's matter.

Thank you.

Freddie Kevin said...

Brother Zai,

Thank you for your comment and my apologies for the late response.

What I have observed about this action is that the Catholics in E Malaysia are more supportive and vocal to use 'Allah' while here in W Malaysia the support is quite mute.

On the other hand, the Muslims in W Malaysia are more vocal and opposed to use 'Allah' while over there, the opposition is less vocal.

This is certainly due to the fact that in E Malaysia it has been practised for some time while in W Malaysia the use is less than minimal.

That is not to say that over here the Muslims are less tolerant.No, it is about acceptable norms.

That is why I am opposed to the action because it is obvious that the Church did not consider the strong sentiments, the action would stir, among the Muslims here in W Malaysia.

Mualaikum salam