Saturday, February 27, 2010

DEFAMATION by Yoav Shamir. A must see film.

What a blast! Fantastic ***** rating. I don't think this witty but eye-opening documentary, on the anti-semitism issue, will see the light of day in the mainstream film industry.

But it utterly deserves mention here in a hope that it will reach a wider audience.

It examines satirically the powerful Zionist organisation, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its National Director - Abe Foxman, in perpetuating the Holocaust 'never forgive, never forget' ideology.

Interestingly, the ADL response did not repudiate the veracity of the documentary, with this limp prose.

The film traverses from the heartbeat of the ADL in New York to Poland and Israel, where Israeli students are radically brainwashed, in imagined Jew hatred worldwide.

Fittingly, it also touches upon freedom of speech with interviews, of the eminent Jewish American political scientist, Prof Norman Finkelstein.

This film sends a deeper message in the Zionist exploitation of the Holocaust for its perverted, racist agenda.

Director Yoav Shamir is deserving of the slogan, "You'll Never Walk Alone".

Hopefully he will not meet the fate of David Cole.

David Cole is a Jew who made a series of videos (1-7) of the Auschwitz concentration camp, challenging the accepted Holocaust view. He slipped into oblivion after recanting due threats from the Jewish Defense League (JDL).

Watch the movie/documentary at the following link, then take time to ponder and digest it in its entirety.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aston Paiva-loyarburok

I am grateful to Aston Paiva for the courtesy afforded me to reply my comment and query. He has ably stood by his principles and has my admiration. Thanks.

Aston Paiva,

"Dear Sir,

I am truly humbled by your earnest response. It is rare to find one who holds true to his principles.

To take time and painstakingly reply lucidly says much of your integrity and purpose.

Please accept my sincere apologies to suggest what you passionately professed, thru these series of posts, as mere rhetoric. You have, by your deed, proven it to be otherwise. I must admit I did not expect such detail in your riposte.

However, some details you provide need to be corrected for eg 6 million Jews did not perish as is commonly believed. I will trail the links you insert but Wiki is a bit risky to rely for accuracy, if I may say so.

As you may be aware by now, I subscribe to an alternative view of the Holocaust despite the limited information available, by design or restrictions.

Please allow me time and space, by your permit, to solicit your views for my perspective of the Holocaust. I will truly be most obliged if you are able to comply.

Finally, for all their promulgations, these countries have not only criminalised freedom of speech but also freedom of thought.

I commend you for your uncompromising stand for freedom of speech and look forward to articles by your good self."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In my remonstrations against The Malaysian Insider @ The Malaysian Instigator, like Rodin, it bewildered me how this portal could continue to disseminate unfettered news and columns that bordered on or could considered to be seditious or libelous.

TMI cannot deny that while it publishes comments pro-establishment, their anti-establishment and pro-opposition stance and inclination to the point of slanting and misdirected reports/columns to satisfy their rabid mouth frothing opposition readers, it's impartiality and credibility is questionable.

In his post, blogger BigDog had called for the another opposition infested portal, Malaysiakini, to be investigated for possible sedition.

Similarly, TMI's extreme opposition proclivities prompted me to to point out the seditious nature of one of it's columns, an offence punishable under the Sedition Act 1948 cited by BigDog.

I even highlighted a similar attack on the PDRM in the context of that column having a seditious tendency as described by the Act,
"Today we are still saddled with a questionable police force.."
Coming back to my astonishment, I can only conclude the powers that be are tolerant to these blatant transgressions due to:

1) The Govt's commitment to a free internet environment as per the Bill of Guarantee No. 7: To ensure no censorship of the Internet.

and most amazingly in the case of libel, though I admit I may be wrong,

2) There is no protection for anyone or body being libelled in an online content as interpreted by the DEFAMATION ACT 1957. Provisions which does not include internet online content and a jaga kereta shield 211 (1) (2) of the COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA Act.

Shock and Awe-Aston Paiva of loyarburok

In a series of posts at this veritable site by Aston Paiva, my comment solicited a response to a query.

This was my prayer and a comment therewith.

"Dear Sir,

I humbly seek a sagacious reply, should it be forthcoming, on a matter not disimilar to your opine.

Can you Sir, tell me how and why a mere denial or even a discourse of the Holocaust is an offence in the EU?

If by chance you decline to comment, then I will make an assumption that the series of posts you prose with such bravado, is nothing more than hot air."

If the comment is sequestered, it is posted here for posterity and affirm that these series of posts are nothing more than embellishments in an otherwise read worthy site.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Americans Taxpayers Suckered - The Jew Factor

If we are led to believe our Govt, past and present, are in the business of bailouts, cronyism and corruption, then those leading us along this path will be well advised to look upon the world's greatest democracy as a shining example of righteousness.

The Malay Mail's despatch reported,US Federal Reseve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, has secured the post for a second term.

His second term is amid much controversy for his role in the bailout of giant financial instituitions at the height of the recent global financial crisis.

The bailouts have cost taxpayers TRILLIONS.

These bailouts had been implemented despite this poll and this one (pre-Obama - Mr Change and Yes we can) indicating the majority of taxpayers disapprove the bailouts.

However, quote US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in the story,
"The Senate did the right thing. Chairman Bernanke will continue to play a vitally important role in guiding the nation's economy"
The most ludicrous aspect of his confirmation, by the crticism for various reasons from both Democratic and Republican Senators, is also a paradox.
"Despite strong *White House support, Bernanke's confirmation -- which drew a historic number of "no" votes -- had snagged on election-year populism and drawn opposition from both allies and critics of President Barack Obama.
Democrats and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, arguably the chamber's most left-leaning member, charged that Bernanke had crafted disastrous economic policies under George W. Bush and then missed the signs of the coming crisis."
Why a paradox?

Here we have Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont crying for "regulation of financial instituitions"
"Sanders argued the Senate should not "say to somebody who was asleep at the switch in terms of regulating our financial institution..."
Then we have
"Republican opponents accused Bernanke of being a key author of a hugely unpopular Wall Street bailout and a supporter of what they viewed as excessive government intervention in the US economy"
in the same report.

More regulation but less government intervention? One wonders how.

One of the main reasons for the recent global financial meltdown were the unfettered and unregulated loans and mortgages which were given out by giant financial instituitions in the property market. Knowingly or unknowingly, the property market could not sustain an upward price trend that resulted in the meltdown. Ironically, there were huge rewards to executives right up to the upper echelons with hefty bonuses, before and after the US Government bailout.

So what has all of this got to do with the Jews?

Longest serving former Federal Reserve Chairman (under Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton and Bush Jr), Alan Greenspan, is an advocate of monetarist policy with minimum government intervention and little or no regulation in the financial policies during his long term in office.

During his long tenure there were no major bailouts except LTCM. A Jewish outfit.

Then all of a sudden came the financial tsunami,

"Greenspan is blamed by the followers of the Austrian School for creating excessive liquidity which caused lending standards to deteriorate resulting in the housing bubble of 2004-2006 and the market meltdown beginning in 2008."

which left Bernanke to clean up the mess.

Fast forward to the present and the massive bailouts with

*White House support
Chairman, Federal Reserve Ben Shalom Bernanke (Jew)
Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve Donald L. Kohn (Jew)
Secretary of Treasury Timothy Franz Geithner (Jew)
Director, Office of Management and Budget Peter Richard Orszag (Jew)
Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors Lawrence Henry Summers (Jew)
Chairperson, Securities and Exchange Commission Mary L. Schapiro (Jew)
Chairperson, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Sheila Colleen Bair (Jew)
Chairman, Commodities Futures Trading Commission Gary Gensler (Jew)
Director, Office of Regulatory Affairs Cass R. Sunstein (Jew)
Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service Douglas H. Shulman (Jew)
Chairman, Federal Trade Commission Jon Leibowitz (Jew)
Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration Margaret Ann Hamburg (Jew)
Chairman, Federal Communications Commission Julius Genachowski (Jew)

and those (names in bold/italics) in this post who are also Jews, join the dots. Its all a sham.

The present financial and economic Jew configuration in the Obama administration will make sure the meltdown brought about by Mr Greenspan, will not effect financial instituitions, most especially those in Jewish hands.

It is in their interest to do so, to avoid scrutiny from a docile gentile populace.

More regulation but less government intervention? One wonders how. Get it?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing all our Chinese brethren a very Happy Chinese New Year.
Going for the reunion dinner with the wifey and kids tonite. Happy holidays one and all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU!


May it be an auspicious one for a certain Mr Woods.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karpal - Sinking to a New Low

I'm not a lawyer and would not deign to be one. If this is the sort of manner of a so called foremost personality, Mr Karpal Singh, in the legal fraternity, I shudder to think what will become of our future generation of lawyers.

Being a laymen and the matter being sub-judice, I will not comment what I would do if I were the judge who is called in no uncertain terms, a LIAR.

No points for guessing what my course of action will be.

Although what transpired resultant to this belligerent comment in court has nothing to do with politics, this type of uncouth demeanour is not unexpected and symptomatic of stalwarts and lackeys from the DAP.

He has made a reference to the foreign press in this motion. What the foreign press has to say about our judiciary, vis-a-vis Anwar's trial, is this not interference in the independence of our judiciary in order to influence the outcome of this case?

Shall we now cite all these foreign press for contempt as well?

As the Paliarment no longer has the respect and decorum it deserves in recent times, it is crystal clear from where this disease emanated from. It has now spread to the sanctity of the courts.

"Laws are sand, customs are rock. Laws can be evaded and punishment escaped, but an openly transgressed custom brings sure punishment."
- Mark Twain, "The Gorky Incident," 1906, in Mark Twain: Letters From the Earth 155, 156 (Bernard De Voto ed. 1939)