Monday, February 15, 2010

Americans Taxpayers Suckered - The Jew Factor

If we are led to believe our Govt, past and present, are in the business of bailouts, cronyism and corruption, then those leading us along this path will be well advised to look upon the world's greatest democracy as a shining example of righteousness.

The Malay Mail's despatch reported,US Federal Reseve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, has secured the post for a second term.

His second term is amid much controversy for his role in the bailout of giant financial instituitions at the height of the recent global financial crisis.

The bailouts have cost taxpayers TRILLIONS.

These bailouts had been implemented despite this poll and this one (pre-Obama - Mr Change and Yes we can) indicating the majority of taxpayers disapprove the bailouts.

However, quote US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in the story,
"The Senate did the right thing. Chairman Bernanke will continue to play a vitally important role in guiding the nation's economy"
The most ludicrous aspect of his confirmation, by the crticism for various reasons from both Democratic and Republican Senators, is also a paradox.
"Despite strong *White House support, Bernanke's confirmation -- which drew a historic number of "no" votes -- had snagged on election-year populism and drawn opposition from both allies and critics of President Barack Obama.
Democrats and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, arguably the chamber's most left-leaning member, charged that Bernanke had crafted disastrous economic policies under George W. Bush and then missed the signs of the coming crisis."
Why a paradox?

Here we have Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont crying for "regulation of financial instituitions"
"Sanders argued the Senate should not "say to somebody who was asleep at the switch in terms of regulating our financial institution..."
Then we have
"Republican opponents accused Bernanke of being a key author of a hugely unpopular Wall Street bailout and a supporter of what they viewed as excessive government intervention in the US economy"
in the same report.

More regulation but less government intervention? One wonders how.

One of the main reasons for the recent global financial meltdown were the unfettered and unregulated loans and mortgages which were given out by giant financial instituitions in the property market. Knowingly or unknowingly, the property market could not sustain an upward price trend that resulted in the meltdown. Ironically, there were huge rewards to executives right up to the upper echelons with hefty bonuses, before and after the US Government bailout.

So what has all of this got to do with the Jews?

Longest serving former Federal Reserve Chairman (under Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton and Bush Jr), Alan Greenspan, is an advocate of monetarist policy with minimum government intervention and little or no regulation in the financial policies during his long term in office.

During his long tenure there were no major bailouts except LTCM. A Jewish outfit.

Then all of a sudden came the financial tsunami,

"Greenspan is blamed by the followers of the Austrian School for creating excessive liquidity which caused lending standards to deteriorate resulting in the housing bubble of 2004-2006 and the market meltdown beginning in 2008."

which left Bernanke to clean up the mess.

Fast forward to the present and the massive bailouts with

*White House support
Chairman, Federal Reserve Ben Shalom Bernanke (Jew)
Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve Donald L. Kohn (Jew)
Secretary of Treasury Timothy Franz Geithner (Jew)
Director, Office of Management and Budget Peter Richard Orszag (Jew)
Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors Lawrence Henry Summers (Jew)
Chairperson, Securities and Exchange Commission Mary L. Schapiro (Jew)
Chairperson, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Sheila Colleen Bair (Jew)
Chairman, Commodities Futures Trading Commission Gary Gensler (Jew)
Director, Office of Regulatory Affairs Cass R. Sunstein (Jew)
Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service Douglas H. Shulman (Jew)
Chairman, Federal Trade Commission Jon Leibowitz (Jew)
Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration Margaret Ann Hamburg (Jew)
Chairman, Federal Communications Commission Julius Genachowski (Jew)

and those (names in bold/italics) in this post who are also Jews, join the dots. Its all a sham.

The present financial and economic Jew configuration in the Obama administration will make sure the meltdown brought about by Mr Greenspan, will not effect financial instituitions, most especially those in Jewish hands.

It is in their interest to do so, to avoid scrutiny from a docile gentile populace.

More regulation but less government intervention? One wonders how. Get it?

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