Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aston Paiva-loyarburok

I am grateful to Aston Paiva for the courtesy afforded me to reply my comment and query. He has ably stood by his principles and has my admiration. Thanks.

Aston Paiva,

"Dear Sir,

I am truly humbled by your earnest response. It is rare to find one who holds true to his principles.

To take time and painstakingly reply lucidly says much of your integrity and purpose.

Please accept my sincere apologies to suggest what you passionately professed, thru these series of posts, as mere rhetoric. You have, by your deed, proven it to be otherwise. I must admit I did not expect such detail in your riposte.

However, some details you provide need to be corrected for eg 6 million Jews did not perish as is commonly believed. I will trail the links you insert but Wiki is a bit risky to rely for accuracy, if I may say so.

As you may be aware by now, I subscribe to an alternative view of the Holocaust despite the limited information available, by design or restrictions.

Please allow me time and space, by your permit, to solicit your views for my perspective of the Holocaust. I will truly be most obliged if you are able to comply.

Finally, for all their promulgations, these countries have not only criminalised freedom of speech but also freedom of thought.

I commend you for your uncompromising stand for freedom of speech and look forward to articles by your good self."

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