Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karpal - Sinking to a New Low

I'm not a lawyer and would not deign to be one. If this is the sort of manner of a so called foremost personality, Mr Karpal Singh, in the legal fraternity, I shudder to think what will become of our future generation of lawyers.

Being a laymen and the matter being sub-judice, I will not comment what I would do if I were the judge who is called in no uncertain terms, a LIAR.

No points for guessing what my course of action will be.

Although what transpired resultant to this belligerent comment in court has nothing to do with politics, this type of uncouth demeanour is not unexpected and symptomatic of stalwarts and lackeys from the DAP.

He has made a reference to the foreign press in this motion. What the foreign press has to say about our judiciary, vis-a-vis Anwar's trial, is this not interference in the independence of our judiciary in order to influence the outcome of this case?

Shall we now cite all these foreign press for contempt as well?

As the Paliarment no longer has the respect and decorum it deserves in recent times, it is crystal clear from where this disease emanated from. It has now spread to the sanctity of the courts.

"Laws are sand, customs are rock. Laws can be evaded and punishment escaped, but an openly transgressed custom brings sure punishment."
- Mark Twain, "The Gorky Incident," 1906, in Mark Twain: Letters From the Earth 155, 156 (Bernard De Voto ed. 1939)

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