Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CSI MyOhMy updated

The circumstances and the cause of TBH (may his soul rest in peace) death has to be ascertained.
His demise rightly deserved an inquest.

Sadly this inquest has turned into a political sideshow.

The DAP has taken full advantage of an unfortunate incident for maximum mileage. The unsigned mystery letter implicating the former Selangor MB for corruption comes to mind.

Now Madam CSI has taken centre stage by reports that she will not testify after observing the 2nd autopsy.

As usual LKS is screaming Putrajaya, Cabinet, all and sundry for an explanation for Madam CSI's absence.

Tin kosong as usual and barking up the wrong tree.

It defies logic given that the PKR Selangor Govt were the paymaster for her expertise and whatever reason for her absence, Khalid and Co should have been informed.....

By Neville Spykerman

SHAH ALAM, April 14 — Selangor government officials today welcomed news that Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand is now willing to testify at Teoh Beng Hock’s inquest.

“We welcome the news and we are taking steps to contact the Thai Ministry of Justice.” said one of the officials." minute detail by Madam CSI as to the reasons for her decision not to testify.

The integrity of our country is in question here. We want, no, we demand to know these reasons.

Says much for her professionalism and as well as DAP's usual antics.

The latest is that Madam CSI will be coming after all. Flip-flopping seems to be a contagious disease post 2004.

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