Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hulu Selangor By-Election Part1 Zaid Ibrahim

The PR in general and PKR in particular, are indeed in dire and desperate state. First by their choice in the candidacy of Zaid Ibrahim and secondly by their stale propaganda campaign.

The PR are still living the dream that the GE 12 result were the result of disenchantment of the BN led Govt. GE 12 was not a rejection of BN but a stinging protest towards the person leading the Govt, the fickle and ineffective Tun AAB. The PR disregard of the Tun MM factor is at their peril.

Tun AAB was the person who sanctioned the ex-gratia payment to Tun Salleh Abas, who was removed as Lord President by due process, and the other judges involved in this affair.

And who was the genius conceiving this obvious misadventure and generated a neat PR (public relations) campaign for himself in the process? None other than a back door minister, Zaid Ibrahim. He subsequently resigned as a "matter of principle" because of the arrest of a reporter and an MP cum assemblywoman.

If Zaid surmised that the arrests were an irresponsible and illogical act to warrant his resignation, then what does that say of the PM in charge at that particular time? It says that allowing the ex-gratia payments and these arrests are consistent of a leader who listens to others and had no mind to think on his own. Therefore Zaid cannot claim to have championed to right an "injustice" when both decisions were inherently wrong.

By accepting and then resigning as a minister in spite of the Tun AAB giving him support, he showed that he truly is not the man he is made out to be, despite all the hype, for he could have stayed and fought on, as a "matter of principle".

Then again why, as a "matter of principle", did he go on this PR (public relations) exercise, to 'exonerate' someone who was found unfit to be Lord President, the course of action in which he himself supported as president of the Muslim Lawyers Association at that time?

See his double speak and the superspin in the same article,

Asked on Dr Mahathir statement's yesterday that Zaid, who was then the President of the Muslim Lawyers Association, had fully supported the government's action that was taken in 1988, he said it was not correct.

"That is their conclusion. They inferred from my supporting the legality of the tribunal, so therefore they support it. Whatever it is, I want to say this. If I have done wrong against Tun (Salleh) and other judges, I am prepared to apologise," he said.

Right. So the Govt had to cough up for his remorse. How convenient.

Also, as a lawyer, he should have realised the legal repercussions that could arise in the future, by this 'compensation' to the judges. Well, he could take on cases where a person who were 'aggrieved' in the courts can seek compensation from the Govt! Why he could also say that he himself had made the precedent. Crying about separation of Judiciary and the Executive, what a load of hogwash.

All it did was to tarnish the same Govt and party which he himself was a part of.

Touching on Dr Mahathir's comment in the newspapers yesterday on his suggestion, Zaid said he was not offended by Dr Mahathir's comment and added that "I have a lot of regard and respect for him. He has done a lot for the country but we have to move on."

"I have never done anything wrong. I have supported many controversial issues, which he has implemented. During the constitutional crisis in 1990, others became afraid but I was with him. I defended his proposal," he said.

See the same double speak and hyper spin again.

This is also the same Zaid Ibrahim who was suspended by UMNO for money politics and limply tries to acquit himself. Can you imagine the gall and ego of this person to imply that winning the KB parliamentary election seat in 2004 was an achievement. GE 11 was a watershed year for the BN in almost making a clean sheet, losing Kelantan by a wafer thin 24-21 seats.

Is this a man of principles, with another spinner, subtly implicating a deceased 'friend' who now cannot defend himself? In his defence, from the article link above.....

For the charges to have any merit, there must be a witness to support the charge of money politics. If accusations against my friend, Zahari Wahab, of giving money for votes had any merit, how were they certain it wasn’t for Zahari’s own campaign?

At the time, Zahari himself was contesting for the vice presidency of the division. Even if it was true that Zahari had indulged in money politics, he might have done it for himself as he was the one contesting.

...... So there you are the PR (public relations) candidate from PKR.

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