Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mat Taib - Hulu Selangor Candidate

I am very much in favour of Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib as the BN candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election.

The MIC should step aside and hand the seat to UMNO and ensure victory for BN.

BN can always compensate the MIC with another seat in GE13.

My reason has nothing to do with whatever anybody else is saying but because I had an occasion to meet Mat Taib in 1997 when my dad was in the ICU of the Tawakal Hospital in KL. I slept in the visitors area there for 12 days until dad passed away due to heart failure.

This meeting had a lasting impression on me.

One night close to mid-night when I went outside for a smoke, I noticed a Merce with the Mentri Besar insignia.

I walked over and the driver confirmed that MB was upstairs. No bodyguards and police outriders were around.

We broke into a conversation and was told thus "MB lambat kerana ramai sangat orang nak jumpa MB hari ini. Tiap minggu MB mesti lawat satu kampung, tetapi hari ini betul ramai orang."

As we were talking along came this tall figure walking towards me and when he approached me he held out his hand. I shook his hand and wished him.

"Buat apa kat sini?" he asked.

"Father I atas kat ICU" I replied.

"Oh, father I pun sini tapi check up saja" he responded and "father you macam mana?"

"Tak tahu Tan Sri, tenat juga" I said, becoz dad was not getting better.

"Ok, all the best to your father" and with that he left.

That short encounter showed qualities and character in the man which I respect and hold in high regard till this day.

Mat Taib showed the humble person he is. It was he who extended his hand. A Mentri Besar taking that little bit of time to have a word or two with me.

A filial son. Even though it might have been tiring for him after a long day, there he was at that late hour, to visit his father. And his father was only having a check up.

A man of of the rakyat. Visiting at least one village a week shows his care and concern for the welfare of the rakyat.

Is it any wonder that everyone is saying if Mat Taib were to stand, it will be a walkover?


Anonymous said...

dont make me laugh lah blind freddy - u want this assh0le the moneybags to be the candidate...


Freddie Kevin said...

Hmmmm wondered where that moniker 'blind freddy' at Rocky's blog, came from.

Now I know, then again, I still don't.

Seems you are more deserving of that moniker 'blind ptuuuuuiiiiiii', because that was the title of my post, to answer your question.

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