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Petronas Fortress Breached 2

Is this the same Sheryll Stothard, Comments on Barisan Alternatif?


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I have received a good response for the earlier "article question" what if........,this e-mail(not edited) from Sheryll Stothard has given a outline of the Plans of the Current opposition Barisan Keadilan of thier model of governing Malaysia.

I belive this information must be shared in the of name democracy with others,ensuring that all Malaysia( at least the 2 million over who have internet capable e-mail accounts).

Note :i chose to even have keep the demeaning insults thrown at me in this message,the problem of most of the readers are the never read the whole message.Shelly you assumed I am pro Barisan Nasional(first the doctor, now you),I asure you i have no resources for such romantic ideas of being aligned to any political party.I am a CRITIC and i will criticise anyone who says one and does two.I want good things for my fellow country men.I asure you i neither have the time or money to be a active political member of any political party.

Anyway I have to admit i am at the kindegarten,when it comes writting.Looks like i have so much to learn about writting.

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Date: Thursday, 8 July 1999 10:07
Subject: Re: What If ...DR please read..


If you're sincerely concerned, please do check out the manifestos of the opposition parties to find out what you'll get with the alternative coalition.

Here are some highlights (that transcend Anwar's personal well-being):
1. An immediate stop to privatisation of basic public services like healthcare, education - and a reverse in even energy and public utilities. The rakyat will then regain control over these crucial areas and be able to stop corporate monopolies and forced price hikes. If you count the amount of money the rakyat will save, you'll see the benefits in this. Also, why the hell do we pay tax for, if not to pay for these basic services? According to the BN, our tax money is for social welfare for corporations. Do your math - a lot of M'sians have done so already and are awake to the fact that we're being taken for a very expensive ride by the BN.
2. An immediate separation of powers between the executive, the legislative and the judiciary to ensure accountability and avoid the abuse of power by any of these branches on the others. The executive (read: Dr M and gang) has been abusing the legislative and the judiciary so long that it thinks that this is a right, not a wrong. It's so bad that even Anwar, who belonged to the highest echelons of the executive, couldn't right this wrong. This means that the only alternative is to sack the present executive branch (read: BN) and elect new representatives.
3. A beginning of a new, more equitable, multiracial approach to managing this wonderful country called Malaysia. Our citizens are relatively tolerant of each other, but the BN has continued the British divide-and-rule (and outdated) system of government in keeping us apart. After putting up with this for 42 years, you must agree that the only way from here is to look at alternatives to the status quo. We have to UPGRADE.
4. A real and committed plan to alleviate poverty, esp. among the Malay rural community which has been used and abused by Umno for far too long. The Anwar issue has only been a catalyst to the expression of dissatisfaction among Malays, not the over-riding reason to voice a need for change. To claim so is disingenuous.
5. A stronger government to take Malaysia into the challenging new millennium. The BN can't do it - it's quite obvious. Even their leaders admit so, blaming external forces for their failure. Blaming is not going to solve our problems as a small trading nation in a corporate-ruled world. Having a clear and consistent policy on managing our assets will help stave off the sharks when they come to feed here. Eg., if privatisation is reversed, even the WTO will not have jurisdiction on our assets. When you put our assets in the hands of a few private corporations, you leave these assets vulnerable to takeover from within and outside the country, esp when these corporations mismanage our assets. Will BN reverse privatisation? I seriously doubt it! So who will? The opposition, of course.
6. We'll be better participants in the international and regional scene. Look around you - change is sweeping the region with such a ferocity, esp in Thailand and indonesia. Take Indonesia, for example. After the dust settles, and there is a new government, who do you think they'll want to deal with here in Malaysia? Dr M? Forget it - his name is dirt in Jakarta. Ghafar Baba? Tengku Razaleigh? Dream on! Ideology aside, and put into your crude economic terms, Indonesia is a market of 200 million people, just next to us - we cannot afford to screw up our relations with them by having the BN represent us!! We need to keep up with world standards - at the moment, democracy is an extremely sellable concept - we need it not just for ourselves, but for our relations with other countries. Or else the only country that'll give us the time of day will be Myanmar! (actually the generals there aren't going to last very long, so even that's not compelling enough). What will this mean? WE WILL BE INTERNATIONAL PARIAHS. If you can live with that, go ahead and keep the present BN status quo. But don't mock those who are more sensible than you.

If you need to argue for the BN, engage the opposition on worthy issues. If you want to engage with the adults, drop your kindergarten histrionics. Or else, stay in the playground with the likes of Dr M, Ling Liong Sik, Lim Keng Yaik and, of course, the biggest baby of all, Samy Vellu. We adults prefer to concentrate on the real problems facing the country, not deal with politicians like those who obviously need to grow up. You say that "governing a nation is not a joke". We are aware of it - so why don't you go tell this to those juvenile delinquents in BN instead, seeing that they've turned Malaysia into a joke already? Why be wary about treading on the toes of the BN, when you feel quite free to take cheap shots at the opposition? I seriously suspect that you really don't want to leave the kindergarten, Jowhar. So don't throw around concepts like 'democracy' so cheaply and insincerely in this forum while citing historical revolutions in the West to back up your scare tactics, parroting your playmates in the BN - it insults the intelligence of us adults.

Sheryll Stothard

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