Friday, March 5, 2010

CELCOM Broadband and the PKR Dilemma

Blogsite Rocky's Bru had posted an article on the dire straits of the PKR with members jumping ship.

What prompted me to write this post was the utter disgust and frustration of the horrendous broadband service yesterday.

Just before my usual nightly rendezvous on the net to check latest postings via this blog, my daughter had informed me that she could not access the net.

Upon logging in, albeit a after few attempts, I was able to do so.

Then the dreaded message begun to appear. "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

So, what to do? 1-300-111-000, again, at my cost lah. Ever tried calling Astro customer service? Same here. 3 service agents (was put on hold to listen to Celcom's celebrated promos, rubbing salt to my wound, so hung up) and I hour later, I was informed there was service interruption due to upgrades from 12-2am.

One service agent Izzuan, was able to calm me down because I was furious, not being earlier informed and being hung up. And also because of previous other bad experiences, of which I may post another time. I had once in the past, been very generous with my invectives in a complaint and Celcom's service centre voice logger will attest to that.

What I am paying for, is not what I am getting, most of the time.

3.6 mbps? I am on the postpaid Rm98.00 HSDPA package and if I am lucky, I can get 300kbps. That is, after the fair usage policy, is imposed.

Anyway, credit will be given to Izzuan and Gopi for the follow up this morning.

Now here is my point. I am thinking of jumping ship. There are a lot of parties courting me - Maxis, Digi, Streamyx, Wimax.

I might resign from Celcom and remain neutral - Old Town Kopitiam, Pappa Rich, Pak Hailam.