Saturday, February 26, 2011

Human Rights Action Party Rally

The Human Rights Action Party should have had the rally held in a stadium. They could have booked any stadium in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and upon confirmation apply for the permit.

Surely, a permit would have been granted as this would allow the police to provide adequate protection and keep any situation under better control.

In rejecting a permit in their appeal Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Pahlawan Zulkifli Abdullah is reported to have added

"the police would reconsider if the party were to suggest a different venue and there was no likelihood of a situation being created that would jeopardise public order."

The Selangor State Government as a PR coalition has had numerous rallies permitted. Seeing as the State Government news portal considers this rally important enough to have it published on its site, its facilities would readily have been (and still can be) made available to HRAP.

Did they do this?

If they had done so then as quoted in that same news portal report..

"Menurut Uthayakumar, ketika pertemuan dengan Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi pihaknya telah memaklumkan akan mengikuti segala peraturan termasuk berjanji perarakan tersebut tidak akan menjejaskan perniagaan dan lalu lintas di kawasan terbabit."

..the promise on business and traffic disruption does not arise.

But disruption has happened before.

I say, allow this rally. In fact, allow all peaceful rallies, protests and demonstrations. No worries, all organisers will guarantee, pledge and promise no disruption of any kind and that no untoward calamity will occur. Nothing will happen. If it does, blame the police, agents provocateurs, extremists, ultras, hidden hands and the weather.

Free from requiring permit..

KTM komuter delayed again, lets rally.

Price of fuel gone up (expect it soon), lets protest.

Astro is a monopoly, lets demonstrate.

Broadband services suck, lets protest.

Mallott is meddling, lets demonstrate.

Price of sugar inexplicably go up or short in supply on festive seasons, lets protest.

The RCI on TBH is of no use, lets protest.

The bank gives preferential treatment to VIP customers over us regular customers, lets protest.

I love Tun MM, in appreciation for all he has done for my country, lets rally.

Taxis are fleecing us, lets demonstrate.

Petronas should not be subsidising the rakyat, lets protest.

Valentines day must be made a holiday, lets rally.

Wikileaks is all cock and bull, lets demonstrate.

Public listed companies are not making enough money for the shareholders, lets protest.

Too many by-elections, lets rally.

Crime rate is down and the police now not enough assignments, lets demonstrate.

Tourists are by-passing Malaysia, lets protest.

Not enough peace loving citizens, lets rally, protest and demonstrate.

If anyone has a grouse, you have my support and we'll have a rally, protest and demonstrate. The more the merrier. Give me a reason to avoid work, for fear or to partake.

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