Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Malaysian Insider and S(p)inners

Datuk Rocky had posted a grievance regarding The Malaysian Insider reluctance but to me a deliberate act to censor comments by readers of its portal, similarly involving the spinmeister, Mr Martin Jalleh.

Reader MalaysianPotpourri commented on Mr Martin Jalleh's "Of political desperados, dingoes and demons" which did not see the light of day in The Malaysian Insider.

Well Mr Jalleh has come out with another googly (no, not google), "Year of publicity stunts, slogans and spin"

"Malaysia’s FDI plunged 81 per cent, and we were the only Asean country to experience negative FDI flow in 2009" -Martin Jalleh

I have commented twice by way of Intensededebate and Twitter to Mr Jalleh's latest piece of tripe and usual bluster with the Department Statistic Malaysia "Malaysia Summary Of The International Investment Position 2009" for a balanced view as against his super spin.

My comment,

Mr Jalleh,

Who is the bigger spinner? You should be in the Cricket World Cup being one of the worlds best spinner.

Left to be seen if my comment will be posted.

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Freddie Kevin said...

Guess not. As at 12.51pm my comment not posted.