Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Malaysian Insider-Story-teller Extraordinaire

Thank you, The Malasysian Insider, for a grudging review of Tun Mahathir's Bio.

You should read your own articles (which are many) of the Bio since its launch. The Tun has clearly said, as reported by your good selves, sue him if there is any slander to anyone for eg Tun Salleh Abbas or Dato Seri Anwar.

Until that happens, I have something to say about your story telling.

I can tell you that it was your show; your sham; it's your portal by Martin Jalleh.

Just like your scrimy review, that article was full of bluster and nothing else. I will honestly add that I just had quick glance, knowing what to expect, coming from Mr Jalleh.

I had asked of Mr Jalleh a small piece of his hallowed view and no prizes for anyone's guess as to what happened to my request.

Yes, it David Blained and Copperfielded. Vanished into thin air where Mr Jalleh's article deserves to be.

Inflamed it was as an article intended for the craving opposition minded it received scant attention.

Therefore story telling is a greater attribute to The Malaysia Insider than anyone else.

Story telling is one thing, doing it the right way is another.


azriq fawani said...

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Have a nice day

Freddie Kevin said...


While one may question TMI's modus operandi, there will be nothing gained by its boycott.

So, I hunbly decline but respect your intentions.

It would be better for everyone to expose its obvious bias from time to time.

I believe something is brewing today by a misreport. More to come.

Thank you for your comment and concerns.

azriq fawani said...


I diffidently respect where you stand, and if I could add more, Hopefully our fellow citizens mature enough to know which news worth our while.

Thank you, and have a great day

Freddie Kevin said...


Peace be with you and happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dropped in from JMD. I like you "loving the country warts and all." Bravo brader.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 15.32

Thanks for dropping by.