Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barisan Nasional and the Cyberworld

In my earlier post, I ended with "BN must not underestimate and be left behind in the strategies and war of cyber politics"

First it was the PC, then came the laptops/notebooks/netbooks and now tablets. In between was cellular phones.

For laptops/notebooks/netbooks came mobile broadband.

With the advent of hand phone, Malaysia is now well connected in the four corners of the compass.

In cities and towns, I can safely say there is a hand phone for every person in a household, maybe even more.

It is safe to suggest that every household in Malaysia has at least one person having a hand phone.

Short Message Service (sms) is multi billion dollar business. What it means is that practically everyone having a HP texts messages.

We now have smartphones with WIFI connection for e-mail, facebook and whatever you wish for facilities.

Blackberries, IPhones, IPads, Tablets, Androids, RIMs and Sybians.

Dual core, Quad core, Megabytes, Gigabytes, Tetrabytes, Kbps, Mbps, Gbps.

What all this means is, with technological advancement, information is now moving faster than a speeding bullet. Not only that, it can be had in the palm of your hands.

Telcos, in the jihad and holy crusade for the big moolahs, fighting among themselves, will make it even faster.

Heck, beware politicians! We could even SMELL your fart from our smartphones or whatever digital apparatus we may have at our disposal in the not too distant future

It has been said the the 2008 "tsunami" could in part be attributed to effective political cyber activity. Political propaganda disseminated for lethal and desired effect.

BN is not short of tech savvy blogger support. In my relatively short sojourn of the blogosphere, there are bloggers who are intellectual, IT geeks, legal eagles, economic wizards from every field and society, who support or are inclined towards the BN.

Alas I noticed, my links are to bloggers who are ALL Malay!

Don't get me wrong it's not a race or religion thingy.

The Barisan Nasional does not have a vehicle, something exciting, something that will give us news, columns and entertainment, where everyone especially we the Nons, can share, engage and comment.

Where the editorial will respond to comments irrespective of race, religion or political affiliation, responsibly.

To strengthen and increase the popularity and support for the BN.

Where all these pro-BN bloggers can link up, contribute and have a common mission, Malays and Non-Malays, the good and well being of our beloved country.

Lets have one. An honest to goodness and credible one.

Doesn't the BN have the resource and integrity to establish such a vehicle?

BN can proudly announce that it is pro-BN but will accept an alternative view. No harm in that, 1Malaysia what.

The present Sarawak State Election prompted me to write this. I like to know what is actually the ground situation. Up to date news from anyone. Good or bad.

The main intention of that earlier mentioned post was to point out how the enemy are doing things the smart and effective way.

Thru the blogosphere not only thru bloggers but with common allies like The Malaysian Insider or Malysiakini.

Stealthily I might add.

The future are our children.

They are tech savvy because they want to be. They do not want to be left behind, parents know what I mean. In many ways technology has made it easier for our kids to be savvy. To socialise, for knowledge and information.

Technology is a powerful tool. Cyberspace is the new frontier.

Just look at the enemy, they know that.

Does the BN?


Snuze said...

You know, you make a really salient point there. I don't blog about politics (not my forte) but I am a BN supporter. Such a portal would definitely of interest to someone like me and I do think that BN can and should do more to strengthen their presence in cyberspace.

Cheers, mate and keep up the good work!

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Snuze,

I always knew that I was not alone in the way I see things and views quite contrasting for a Non and your presence gives me great comfort.