Monday, April 18, 2011

Barisan Nasional, MCA and Chinese Support

Firstly, congratulations to the BN and syabas everyone contributing to the Sarawak State Election victory.

Whatever one may say about Tan Sri Taib, a 100% election result for PBB, says much about the non-Chinese voters acceptance of his leadership.

As for the next GE, I want to say this about the senior partner representing the Chinese in the BN.

The MCA should withdraw from the BN AND if they are sincere, to contest the next GE as a BN friendly party.

Their support has significantly declined. They are mostly returned in the solid BN southern states and safe seats in the other states.

They need the BN more than the BN needs them.

They can operate without the burden of "big brother".

In the mixed constituencies BN can field their candidate against the MCA (they can also stand down) and DAP. BN can field a Malay or Indian candidate. The true Chinese BN supporters will vote the coalition not the party.

In the Chinese majority areas the same will apply, BN will enter as the spoiler. It would not matter if the BN lost the seat because MCA, one on one with the DAP, is a no contest.

The BN can then pick the most successful and winning MCA candidate to represent the Chinese in the Govt.

The MCA withdrawal will send shock waves within the Chinese community.

No more will the Chinese community have the best of both worlds, automatic representation in the Govt and chauvinistic support for the opposition.

This post had been my comment to OutSyed The Box "Sarawak Election Results" with some addendum.


Chingy said...

Some crazy ass suggestion dude. Not sure if MCA has da guts to do it tho.

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Chingy,

It was done before in 1969 by Tun Tan Siew Sin. It is not so radical.

"Matters reached a breaking point when MCA withdrew from the Alliance at 2.30 pm 13 May 1969."

Also see Tun Tan Siew Sin wikipedia.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Silent Reader said...

And since now MCA leader have been 'advising' SUPP to not hold any post in the Sarawak government. Lets see if they can walk the talk.

A concise and simple post but gets the msg across clearly.

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Silent Reader,

Recent comments from MCA leaders sends different and confusing signals in light of the recently concluded Sarawak SE.

The opposition fails or neglects to admit that while the majority of the individual component parties of the BN are race based, the COALITION operates as a MULTI-RACIAL ENTITY.

MCA can operate outside the BN and stay true to the spirit of Barisan Nasional, abiding the policy of collective and consensual accords and decisions.

When MCA have mustered considerable representation in the the Govt, their loyalty to the BN will be adequately tested in parliament.

Thank you for the kind comment.

Anonymous said...

A heavy purse makes a light heart.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 16.57,

For whom? A fool and his money are soon parted.

Thank you for a wise comment.