Thursday, April 7, 2011

DAP Asking for Donations?

The DAP is asking for donations for their Sarawak State Election campaign by advertising in The Malaysian Insider.

I really do not know what The Malaysian Insider advertising rates are. I do know that advertising in the print MSM can be pretty steep.

That being said, does it make sense to advertise for donations? What I mean is "I don't have money, so I am paying to advertise for donations because I don't have money"

Unless it's sponsored, for example for the World Wildlife Fund or A Global Fund to Fight Aids, it make no sense.

The only conclusion one can come to is that it is a sponsored advertisement for the DAP. But that still does not make sense. Why not donate the ad fees directly to the DAP?

Is it a CSR on the part of the The Malaysian Insider?

It's not only about donation.

The DAP is taking election campaign to another level and in The Malaysian Insider a most suitable ally (not taking into account Malaysiakini), a common and organised conduit for opposition supporters, to fight the political battle in the electronic media.

To topple the BN.

Click on the DAP banner ad in The Malaysia Insider to find out.

Selected screenshots of web pages on DAP banner ad link. Simple and effective. Please click and enlarge.

Compare that to the BN, PBB and SUPP websites.

BN does not have a common platform to channel and expand its support in the cyber world.

BN must not underestimate and be left behind in the strategies and war of cyber politics.

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