Saturday, April 30, 2011


My original draft was lengthier and more derisive but this will suffice.

It somehow disturbed me seeing, in the Star today, a column by the well known personality, a central subject of a well publicised court case.

For all the negative publicity the trial generated it surprised me that she was given to host a TV show and now writing a column.

The TV station and the Star did not see the trial to have anything adverse in engaging her but I cannot come in grips to their decision.

That being said, the Star may have a bit of an apprehension. Compare screenshot above to actual print copy

But that Star column today, the title "Preggers Problem" and message of her article did not sit well with me, in view of what had been disclosed in the trial.

I find it especially appalling to have mentioned her daughter, in view of a damning testimony in the proceedings of the trial, seeing the moral high ground she is taking in her piece.

And the irony and appropriately, Daphne's column is called... "A Different Spin"

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