Thursday, April 7, 2011

* Freddie Kevin reads The Malaysian Instigator

It's been sometime that since I have criticised The Malaysian Instigator. But they never run out of reader's, * Ali Kadir reads The Malaysian Insider, with an impartial essay, get carried away in the usual Govt/UMNO and even Tun Mahathir bashing, frothing at the mouth but forgetting what he wrote!

Ali Kadir who reads The Malaysian Insider wrote Can silence be bought?

His opening paragraph,

"I am writing this article after giving some serious thought to the plight of Malaysians. Notice that I am not referring to the government, Umno or the opposition."

And continued rambling in point form. I list here all his 6 points, not referring to the government, Umno or the opposition. Lest I be accused of being partial,

1. Rights of groups to practise their religion as prescribed by the Federal Constitution has been wantonly disregarded by the government and bureaucracy.

2. Ministers and senior government officials flaunt ill-gotten gains and care little about you and I think.

3. Anyone following the Teoh Beng Hock inquiry cannot but have a heavy heart at how low our institutions have fallen. The police investigation into the death was nonexistent and a group of secondary school students could have done a better job of questioning Teoh than the jokers at MACC

4.Established and respected precedents are sidelined for political expediency (read: Perak) and no one even cares when the Parliament or the courts return perverse decisions just to support the status quo.

5. RM40 billion for MRT, RM20 billion for this and RM10 billion for that. No open tenders. Our hard earned money is being used without any transparency and accountability and we keep quiet because the government must know what they are doing.

So as not to confuse with the Penang State Govt no open tenders, adds a rejoinder,

Remember these are the same guys who brought you the BMF scandal, the deposit taking scandal, the forex losses scandal, the bailouts of somebody’s son during the financial crisis, the PKFZ scandal.

6. Do we really know each other and get along these days? Malays, Chinese and Indians and our brothers from Sabah and Sarawak. Do we get along or do we only come together for a Petronas advertisement?

But then I must understand the point, or should I say "points", he is trying to make, right? And Yes, true to his word, he did not refer to the opposition.

*Freddie Kevin reads The Malaysian Instigator
*This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view.

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