Thursday, April 28, 2011

Negara Ku and 1Malaysia

Datuk Seri Najib's 1Malaysia initiative is a reinvention of numerous solidarity and equality themes of past administrations.

It is commendable and indeed timely in view of varied circumstances.

There is something done in the past which could be applied to complement and restore the oneness in us Malaysians. Without repackaging.

Playing or singing OUR national anthem, Negara Ku.

In the days of cinemas, just before the feature movie started, the national anthem was played and we would show respect by standing to attention.

I am sure it's being done in schools. It would be more meaningful if it was on Mondays at assembly and Fridays in classes, just before dismissal.

All government departments, agencies and GLCs could do so likewise if they have not already done so. The private sector could follow suit.

At all sporting events and appropriate gatherings.

At concerts, why not? The artists could improvise and perform the anthem.

Let's get together as 1, like we were before.


Snuze said...

I went to mission schools in primary and lower secondary. I find that mission schools are pretty amazing at inculcating the nationalistic zeal when it comes to singing the state and national anthem, not to mention which ever patriotic anthems du jour. *grin*

Why do I say this? Ask any friends who went to ordinary schools or jenis kebangsaan types, if they remember how to sing their state anthem.

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Snuze,

Even though I reside in KL, I always consider myself a Selangor subject, born in KL before it became an FT.

Not being unpatriotic but I find the melody of the Selangor state anthem has more oomph.

Thanks for you comment. BTW I am a La Sallian, Fide Et Labore.

Snuze said...

I am an Assuntarian *grin*

Ad veritatem per caritatem!

Freddie Kevin said...

So, hello Assuntarian.

Please feel free to drop by and comment anytime.

Good to have you on board.

I'm sure you'll like things we take for granted.

Ta for now.