Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raja Perkara Konspirasi Part 2 Shit Stirrer and False Flags

Yes, he is a shit stirrer as admitted by the Raja Perkara Konspirasi himself "Now that the shit has hit the fan". Sorry, find the link yourself.

In his explanation he is implying to have been made a "Petsy", set up by certain individuals. No point to sue him right? Because prominent lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah might not even get his due from the bankrupt.

"O'Hara said Raja Petra had been declared a bankrupt but that it was not his concern whether Ravindran would be able to secure the money from the blogger."

Lets get back to being the shit stirring "Petsy".

"They still insist that the story is: I alleged that Rosmah and the two Lt Kols were at the scene of Altantuya’s murder the night she was murdered."

"Most seem to not understand that I did not make any allegation against Rosmah or the two Lt Kols."

"He assured me that if that happens, and he wants that to happen for the plan to succeed (which means I am the bait), then the military intelligence report would surface."

If we accept that he was set up, by a false allegation to implicate Datin Seri Rosmah, then it confirms that it is a false allegation.

Note how careful and clever this Raja Perkara Konspirasi is. In his shit stirring column he did not say that he disbelieved, as widely reported. Signs of a first false flag are in "Spot the spin contest" by the conspiracy king himself, alluding to specific reports in Bernama, The Malay Mail and The Star.

What he did say in his column was,

"My wife, however, disagreed. She felt that the story is too far fetched and that Bul is not a reliable source."

So, unless and until this Raja Perkara Konspirasi himself categorically himself says that he does not believe that Datin Seri Rosmah is involved, he still wants us to believe that Datin Seri is involved.

Now, what is the actual motive to agree to this earth shattering interview with TV3?

It is a false flag. By involving other prominent personalities and bloggers into this charade of his own sordid making, the conspiracy king is diverting attention.

He wants maximum publicity and expect the indicted individuals to respond. Getting even more exposure.

At the time of writing this post only one prominent blogger has come out with a rather mute statement, surprisingly to me, given the gravity of another conspiracy allegation by the conspiracy king.

"I am personally disappointed that Raja Petra Kamaruddin should see it fit to get me involved in a matter where I have zero knowledge."

Before all you fellow anak conspiracy start asking who initiated the interview, I will say this. I will not believe the Raja Perkara Konspirasi.

For the simple reason that Raja Perkara Konspiracy is the famous trade mark, is widely regarded, and has published numerous "incriminating documents" in his shit stirring columns.

Yet for all his renowned fame in publishing and exposé of "incriminating documents" and his incessant attack on Datin Seri Rosmah, a most prized "incriminating document" that would prove most lethally damaging to Datin Seri,

"When all hell broke loose I contacted Bul and met up with him. I asked him for a copy of the confidential military intelligence report. Bul said that they no longer have it. The entire file has been shredded, Bul said.

Surely they have a back up copy, I said.

Sorry, no back up copy. The report no longer exists. In fact, the entire file no longer exists"

seem to have conveniently escaped his obsessive grasp "until all hell broke loose"!

And now for the important matter of the false flag.

Has Datuk Seri Anwar been tainted in this interview? On closer examination, definitely not. Where is the usual cadre rebuttals?

Ask, what does this Raja Perkara Konspirasi actually intends by giving the interview?

It is a red flag to divert attention and take away heat from a bigger and more realistic issue, the Datuk T Trio sextape.

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