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Raja Perkara Konspirasi Part 3 Raja Perkara Konspirasi

I stand corrected. It's not the Datuk T Trio sextape that needs a diversion, the shit stirrer made that interview 2 months ago.

As things stand I still maintain that it's a false flag.

I have been correct that the Raja Perkara Konspirasi did not absolve Datin Seri Rosmah thereby clearing Datuk Seri Najib as well.

In Part 2, I declared with particular emphasis,

"So, unless and until this Raja Perkara Konspirasi himself categorically himself says that he does not believe that Datin Seri Rosmah is involved, he still wants us to believe that Datin Seri is involved."

I had this uneasy suspicion by the very fact that the PKR camp especially the defacto honcho, DSAI, had been conspicuously nonchalant.

You can see how the shit stirrer stirs by his posts subsequent to the interview.

In Hantu Lauts post, "Raja Petra Dropped The Bomb!", I deduced events and circumstances and was fairly accurate.

My comments,
Dear HL,

Its a false flag to divert attention from the other DSAI pressing matter.

Scrutinise RPK interview/statement, DSAI is not implicated in anything other than verifying a person's crediblity.

You don't hear the usual vehement protestataions from the PKR members.

What RPK failed to clarify in his latest post is that the SD specifically mentioned AAB and KJ keeping a confidential military report (item 4) and that a ruler has been made aware (item 5).

It does not fit the stop DS Najib becoming PM theme, more of a get rid of AAB than anything else. See the SD link

You must remember at that time (of the SD) DSAI was pressuring AAB to hand over the Govt as he had the numbers.

RPK must have have been confident that DSAI did have the numbers to be PM, hence courage to make that SD

Thank you

April 14, 2011 4:30 PM

and a follow up comment,
Dear HL,

"Its a false flag to divert attention from the other DSAI pressing matter."

I stand corrected as the interview was done two months ago but still maintain it is a false flag.

I have said (in my blogpost) that RPK is not absolving DS Rosmah and thereby also DS Najib.

From his MT post "My New Straits Times and Straits Times (Singapore) interview",

Q3: Aside from your Statutory Declaration, do you have any proof of the involvement of the people you mentioned in the attempt to discredit Najib and Rosmah?

What do you mean by proof? Video recordings of them in towels in a hotel room? Define ‘proof’. Anwar was convicted and sentenced to 15 years jail in 1999 based on testimony. Testimony is proof and that was good enough to sentence Anwar to 15 years jail. My testimony is even better. It is in the form of an SD.

As regards to the SD, I commented...

"RPK must have have been confident that DSAI did have the numbers to be PM, hence courage to make that SD."

Malaysia Instinct

“Anwar came to the court because there were two cases going on simultaneously and told me don't worry, you will be out soon because we are going to form the government on Sept 16',” he said in the second part of an interview with TV3 aired last night.

...confirms this. A serious misjudgement by RPK.

He is still very much a staunch Anwar supporter and his interview is suspect.

I apologise for taking so much space.

Thank you

April 15, 2011 5:38 PM

Is an explanation from TV3 forthcoming?

There will be more to unravel the shit stirrer.

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