Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raja Perkara Konspirasi

The same chorus to a different song is being sung again.

Bought, UMNO mole, liar, conspiracy within a conspiracy within a conspiracy, bought, Sarawak State Election (I thought these matters does not resonate with Sarawak people), untrustworthy, true colours (no, not that song), bought, life in danger, blackmail, bought, DS Najib (please la), under counter deals, Malaysia corrupted, lost credibility (Zaid where are you?), turncoat, hypocrite, out of context.

New chorus to a different song.

Drugged, hearsay (now that's a good one), hustler (even better).....fingers tired oredy.

Guys don't hold your breath.

As with these PKR types especially the defacto leader, anything goes!

This is the Bald fact, RPK ni Raja Perkara Konspirasi.

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