Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simply The Best

I took the opportunity, attending the 1st Malaysia - ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference 24 April 2011, to meet prominent bloggers, especially the anonymous to me at least.

They are whom I consider more than my peers, mentors in a sense.

As mentioned in my last post, I am dedicating this post to them.

I brought along a checklist and by chance the first person I fortuitously met happened to be The Voice, the veritable Brick, check.

The first thing Voice remarked after greeting him, was a Robert Phang thingy with a hearty laugh.

He is one of the Trio that I want to convey my heartfelt thanks, without this Brick I would have definitely been out of place. His warmth and energy made me at once feel quite at home.

Thank you, "Another Brick in the Wall" . Salam Tuan, wherever you are.

The Voice became my eyes. While chatting, along came this rather quiet and portly gentlemen.

"Freddie, this is BigDog", check.

At one talk, I observed BigDog to be occupied at his laptop with close attention to proceedings.

This is one unassuming Dog who when he barks, will bite. I am referring, of course, to his blog, "The "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy rambles…."

Being the moderator to the talk on "Network and Regulations", Voice had a bit of tizz locating his room. I tagged along with his kind permission while he was preparing for the talk, room located.

Enter an imposing figure and I immediately recognised Datuk Rocky, check.

I can tell you, personally, Datuk has a telling effect on anyone, by his mere presence. His blog, Rocky's Bru profile pic, does not do him justice. Hopefully Datuk gets what I mean.

After the introduction and pleasantries and the must have snapshot with The Rock on my trusty X10 mini phone, Datuk left after a few words with Voice.

The talk commenced a few minutes after that.

Nearing the end of the talk, BHM Secretary Tony Yew walked in to announce that Tun Mahathir would soon be arriving.

Concluding with a vote proposed by the Voice, 'for or against blog censorship' with all Nays and only one Yea from blogger Mahaguru58, I was already in a state of eager anticipation.

For all my admiration and affection for Che Det, I have never met the Tun in person.

I managed to get in line and got to shake hands and Salam Malaysia's most famous Elder Statesman, the young Tun Mahathir Mohamad, check.

The Tun doesn't look a day over 50. May god bless Tun and Tun Siti Hasmah with many more years of continued good health, love and devotion.

Tun Mahathir and Siti Hasmah were ushered to the room where the Asean delegates were to meet them.

Now, here is the second of the Trio that I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation, Secretary Tony Yew.

Tony must have got wind (or might have noticed Tun's Memoirs in my Guardian Pharmacy paper bag) that I sought Tun Mahathir's signature. Calling me, he got me into the room where the Asean delegation were now having their pictures taken with the two Tuns.

After waiting for an appropriate moment, courage took me to ask Tun Mahathir for his signature to the Memoirs.

Malaysia's highest rated blogger consented to my humble request and inking "To Freddie and Family".

I passed the Memoirs to Tun Siti Hasmah for her endorsement, I really felt it would not be complete without her signature. Tun Siti Hasmah duly obliged after a friendly prod from the great Tun.

The Tun's legacy can now be passed on to my kids with a very personal touch. Priceless.

Tony, while you muststopthis, I can't thank you enough but I thank you again.

After lunch and the talk (or was it a presentation) by YES which I earlier alluded to BigDog, I caught hold of the Voice as there was one anonymous I was desperately seeking.

A few short steps and the Voice left me with a gentlemen at the registration counter. I hesitated, the blogger knows why and I enquired, "JMD?", check.

Jebat Must Die has been the first and until now the blog I have great admiration.

For his in depth knowledge, excellent understanding and articulation of thought provoking issues.

Most of all, for his extreme patience. No matter what the comment, he will see it fit to respond and justify, in the trademark amicable manner, that would suitably satisfy or put down the commenter.

And we share another passion apart from blogging. You'll Never Walk Alone.

While exchanging views and info about each other, two other distinct and distinguished bloggers happenchanced to more or less* complete my checklist, the eminent Tuan Syed, blogging outside the box, President of BHM. And apanama, Apanama. Check and check.

Last but not least, thank you Ewa Zaghlol, to whom all this would not have been possible had she not alerted me to attend.

I had honestly thought that this Conference was for the very prominent Malaysian bloggers, the crème de la crème and it was.

But it was also for those like me, as it turned out.

Thanks Ewa.

*The checklist was not exactly complete. A Voice told me I could not expect Pure Shiite as he believed satD to be in Jakarta. Bro satD, I would have loved to have met your acquaintance.

Pics of bloggers mentioned in chronological order.

A Swashbuckling Voice

The "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy @ Herbie Popnecker the Superhero

Datuk Rocky the Gentle Giant and Mini Me.

With best regards from Khiaq.

Tony (seated center)

Debonair JMD

At time of post permission had not been received from Tuan Syed for pic to be published.

Don't mess with Apanama.


satD said...

nanti gua balik KL kita pekena teh tarik bro!

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam satD,

Terkejut gua Bro satD ajak. ok on.
Gua belanja!

Selamat pulang.

Freddie Kevin said...

Waduh..tahu tak Jebat lebih terkejut. Dia suruh saya turunkan gambar.

Sori, blog amalkan "no censorship"!

Tony Yew said...


I must therefore let you know that you are officially under the radar of MCMC....cause if they do haul you in to crack the code, and identify those 'un-identifiable', I hope by then a sudden attack of amnesia will follow!!

A pleasure having you at 1st MARBC!


Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Tony,

No need to haul me. Why go for small fish?

You already expose yourself.

Thanks again for everything.