Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Islam Is Not the Official Religion of Malaysia Says A Loyarburok-Updated Version 2X5

"I am a member of the Bar Council constitutional law committee.."

Show me anyone who is not wary of lawyers especially the cunning ones and I'll show you the real Harry Potter.

Gua tak paham ni loyar lagi satu, Prof pulak, cakap berpusing pusing macam anjing kejar ekor.

"There are too many other reasons to rebutt the argument put forward by En Syahrezan this morning."
Yang dia tu bahlul cakap la bahlul.

These are the decrepits who in an effort to show some semblence of credibility, in the end lose it all by revealing their true colours, subtle hatred.

"And I think having a non-Muslim and non-Malay PM who upholds the Constitution is better than a Malay Muslim PM who puts himself above the law Or someone who amends it as he pleases as seen during the Mahathir administration."

The type of decrepits, The Malaysian Instigator, are most happy to oblige.

"I am a member of the Bar Council constitutional law committee.."

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me the martian said...

what's wrong with mahathir? i think ppl are just jealous of him..because as much as they dont like him..we are reaping what he did, well, good and bad.

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Me The Martian,

I can tell you with confidence that Tun MM did all things with the best of intentions. That there were some things that did not turn out as planned, due to various reasons, were deemed bad.

Look around you and see the good things we are reaping.

Depending on what you read or hear, it's bad.

Time will be the best judge of this grand old man.

In the mean time he remains beloved to me and my family.

Thank you for dropping by.

Snuze said...

A lot of those who kutuk Tun Mahathir also among those who reaped the most from his policies. Those are the sort that is referred to as "Tak cermin diri sendiri."

Ah, cunninglinguists who moonlights as lawyers. Why can't we just throw them into the lombong tinggal?

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Tun is is having some treatment at IJN. Wish him well.

People I am wary of, mechanics.. and lawyers, especially of the burok kind. This prof is a close acquaintance of Ds Anwar.


Pun-dikuttying I see. Nice one.

Muchos gracias