Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Malaysia Insider-Low, No, No Class Editorial

Blogger was down too long for my liking the last couple of days so I hurriedly imported all my posts to Wordpress. This was my first Wordpress post. I am including my crux of that post.

The headline does not have any nexus to the body of that editorial, hence downright amateurish and yesterday being the anniversary of that fateful day in our history, a spinful thing to do.

Hahahahahaha. This is the type of editorial column, "Say no to rough Malaysian politics", you would expect from a primary school annual magazine. Read and have a jolly good laugh.

"On Tuesday, the PKR de facto leader’s driver lodged a police report on an alleged murder attempt on his boss after discovering that the brakes of the Mercedes Benz he was driving had been tampered with last month.

Do we need to wait to read Anwar is injured or dies in an accident." the Malaysian Instigator.

How to take serious.

Want to suggest UMNO "plays rough" but cites murder, the best they can do is Mona Pandi, oops Fendey.

Hahahahahaha. Too bad Blogger is down.


Snuze said...

Tampered brakes or poorly serviced/maintained/utilised vehicle?


Freddie Kevin said...

Hi again,

Don't play play, Merce 350 leh.

2 X :)

See you soon.