Monday, May 23, 2011

Which Catholic Are You?

Reading Tony Yew's post, I want to be more specific because I am asking these same questions to those of my Catholic Church.

I received a text message from my daughter during her Catechism class yesterday and I initially wanted this post, regarding that text message, to be much more critical than it is.

It turned out her Catechism class was a talk on another religion. I won't elaborate.

After her class, she relayed to me some of the issues and experiences as intimated by the attending speakers.

I explained to her the need to be faithful to one's religion and no matter what happens, that faith will always be the foundation and guide to her future undertaking and decisions in life.

That we should have to learn more and have a better understanding of religions other than ours. Before we talk of religion other than ours.

That she should not be insecure about her religion.

I have baptised ALL my children. Would I have done so if I had no faith in my religion? And I said this to her.

I even told her that maybe it was unfair because she was not given a choice. But because I have a strong faith, she will find that strength as well.

How our Church go about providing this strength of faith to grow, in the face of adversities, is extremely important in the context of a multi-cultural and multi-religious country.

Instead of fear of God, we are preaching fear of Man.

When my and your children come of age, they ultimately will decide whether a religion is right for them.

It is sometimes inevitable as many of us have experienced, love of man more than god, have decided their faith.

Right or wrong, no one on this earth can or should say.

At the end of the day and our time, our kingdom is not of this earth.

When your friends within the Church have hang-ups about their own and other religions, it gives an open invitation to opportunistic parasites, to exploit any issue for their own agenda.

There are religious bigots in our midst. These are those who are so insecure in our faith, our religion.

Or they are just plain religious bigots.

Our church has many hypocrites. I too at times have been hypocritical but I try and I address my shortcomings.

I should not be calling others hypocrites.

But what to do, I see it week in and week out.

So as Tony is asking "which Malaysian are you?", I will be more direct and ask my fellow Catholics these questions.

Which Catholic Are You?

Do you go to Church for spiritual guidance or political guidance? I get sick and tired of political innuendos in Church.

Are you so weak in your religion that you fear another impinging yours? Or are you just a plain religious bigot?

Will impediments to our religion make us stronger or weaker? I was taught and believe that religious persecution made my Church stronger.

Is that why we are adopting the way and manner we approach issues? Because we are weak in our faith, rather than being hindered for our beliefs. That our weakness has allowed our religion to be made use of by others.

Especially others of the parasitic political kind.

As Christ's greatest commandment, do you love others as you love yourself?

Coming back to my daughter's Catchism class, I won't specifically say who uttered what but I will ask you as Tony asked,

"Are you the type that would tell your children that they should not befriend their classmate because of their different belief?"

and because one person was this type, What Catholic Are You?

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Snuze said...

One would hope that one's religion would give spiritual succor to one and a refuge to the trials of life. I hate those who manipulate religion to suit their political edicts. Unfortunately, if that person appears credible enough, the more naive members of the congregation can be influenced into things that is NOT SUPPORTED by the religion (i.e. backbiting, undermining others, destruction of harmony).

Oh dear.