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BERSIH-Ambiga Rip Van Hoodwinkle

UPDATE 30 June 2011
Ambiga Ex-Bar Chief Speak With Fork Tongue

"BERSIH 2.0 is a citizens’ movementfor free and fair elections. No political party is a member of the coalition nor are there any representatives from the political parties on the Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0

Yours sincerely,

Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan
Bersih 2.0 Chairperson

The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 comprises:
Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan (Chairperson), Andrew Khoo, Arumugam K., Dr Farouk Musa, Haris Ibrahim, Liau Kok Fah, Maria Chin Abdullah, Richard Y W Yeoh, Dr Toh Kin Woon, Dr Wong Chin Huat, Datuk Yeo Yang Poh, Zaid Kamaruddin, Dr Subramaniam Pillay and Arul Prakkash* "

Pemuda Keadilan


Tel: 016-2265330


* Not politically affiliated Arul Prakkash links to some interesting connections EngageMedia
"And please don’t forget to check out Pusat KOMAS’s channel at EngageMedia"- 21 to 22nd January 2009 EngageMedia Workshop on “How to distribute videos effectively online!”
"EngageMedia is a non-profit organisation and is supported by donations, external consulting work and a range of funding bodies. Our past and present funders include the Open Society Institute, Hivos, the Ford Foundation, the Donkey Wheel Foundation and The Mercy Foundation."

Read about George Sorok's Open Society Institute in "Mengenali penaja asing Anwar Ibrahim" and What’s Behind the Tumult in Egypt?

Don't you just love non-profit organisations!


I will always ask anyone who is in a political discussion, local politics ie, whether he or she is a regular voter.

Registered is not good enough. Voting regularly makes one qualified to engage in such discussions.

Hold your horses before you start your criticism. My point is if your are not a regular voter what's the point to discuss?

Every one knows the oft used phrase 'walk the talk'. It's even worse if you are not registered or never voted. Then you are not only not walking but be talking..cock.

That matter cleared lets get to the topic at hand.

What is the frustrated lady Datuk of BERSIH, ex-Bar Boss demanding? In a nutshell appended, no link provided but if you find it see how preposterous and typically Chubby Checker, the reasons therein for the demands.

1) Automatic voter registration
2) Reforms to postal voting
3) Use of indelible ink
4) Minimum campaign period of 21 days
5) Free and fair access to media
6) Strengthen public institutions
7) Stop corruption
8) Stop dirty politics

Datuk Rocky has this to say about the 2007 BERSIH demands.

Now, anybody who has voted should know how the voting process works.

Step 1
Your must be 21 years old on polling day.

Step 2
Check if you are on the electoral roll. Every political party has this roll

Step 3
Check for your polling station.

Step 4
At the polling station you will be guided by the SPR officers to the voting room.

Step 5
Upon entering the voting room the another SPR officer will call out your MyKad number and in every voting room there will be a representative of the contesting candidate to strike out your name. Which signifies or certifies that you have voted.

These 5 steps are good enough to sully some of the outlandish BERSIH demands, which also serves to besmirch the country, devilishly disguised for clean and fair elections. Yes, yes you opposition sycophants are already frothing at the mouth ready to pounce. For you rabid running dogs, I am addressing the BERSIH demands, alright? Not the entire election process, ok?

This is what BRRRSIH is demanding for a clean and fair elections.


Hoodwink Demand 1) Automatic voter registration.

How does automatic voter registration make the elections cleaner or fairer? Still thinking? Me too.

If you with a right to vote, don't even bother to register yourself, and there are hundreds and thousands of yous, will automatic registration guarantee you will vote?

That's the rationale isn't it?

The point is if you care and want to make a difference you will register yourself. Unless of course automatic voter registration with compulsory voting.

BRRRSIH is silent on this. See the start of this post. Everybody can and will be talking cock, being automatically registered what.

Ok, lah. Didn't want to elaborate further but have to.

Automatic registration would then mean upon reaching 21 years of age, all you need is your Mykad and voila no need to check, just go and vote.

Where can you vote? Anywhere you like? What is the electoral roll then?

Ah! National Registration Department. Mr and Mrs Hannah Yeoh come to mind. No relevance but they come to mind.

Make a big ruckus in the event of dispute.

How do you address multiple voting or phantom votes?

You could give the software contract to IT Wizard Tony the Tompel Pua to develop a full proof Electronic Electoral Roll.

Datuk Rais will have his work cut out if the hackers say,


on polling day. How Tony? Up to it?

Produce MyKad and vote. Just like that or use card reader or something to that effect to prevent multiple voting?

Remember the MyKad clanger in the fuel subsidy suggestion?

Does it really solve the age old bogeyman phantom voters issue, which curiously are raised most often than not, by the Ex-Bar Chief's brethren, the Opposition?

No, but now not only can they blame SPR, they can blame NRD as well.

See, somehow Mr and Mrs Hannah Yeoh keeps coming to mind.

Will it mean, before where number of constituents 100,000, you can call on rabid supporters to get 200,000 votes?

Now, even in the US there is no such thing as automatic voter registration and there is no particular official document for identification.
"Eligible voters must take the initiative to register by signing a legal affidavit swearing that she or he is a citizen and has reached the required age."
"Since passage of the federal Help America Vote Act, first-time voters in federal elections must show proof of residency (photo ID, current utility bill, bank statement or government document) either at the time of registration or when they show up at the polls for the first time."

Ambiga is guilty of failing to disclose this fact that weakens her demand.

It's easy to demand. People complain about empty promises. This is an empty demand.

Hoodwink Demand 2) Reforms to postal voting.

Although the voting steps above differ from postal voting, I have not come across any dispute brought before an Election Judge challenging a result on a postal vote dispute.

Postal votes make a big difference where an election contest is tight and slim results is expected.

As a matter of fact, even our PM Datuk Seri Najib won by a very slim margin in 1999 and I don't recall the losing candidate challenging the result on account of the postal votes, said to be crucial for the win.

Or when "Tan Sri Lee (San Choon) chose the Seremban constituency, a DAP stronghold under Dr. Chen Man Hin. But (Unker) Lim chickened out, leaving Dr Chen to defend his constituency. Tan Sri Lee won by a majority of 845 votes."

At any rate even in the free and clean democracies of the UK and US postal voting, with these allegations of rigging, is not without flaw.

This document touches extensively upon postal voting and fraud in the UK.

Postal voting has it's flaws and is not endemic only in Malaysia as the Frus Lady tries to suggest.

Which is not to say that postal voting flaws be overlooked but that postal votes has never been a major issue in Malaysian elections and which Ambiga conveniently does not oblige to mention or provide any evidence of abuse or fraud.

Hoodwink Demand 3) Use of indelible ink.

This is the most laughable demand. See Step 5 above. There is no way for anyone to vote twice or three times. All political parties have their election agents in the voting room to ensure that the person registered to vote casts his vote only once by striking his name off their list.

Also indelible ink is not so full proof after all.
"Larrazabal said the Comelec plans to put more nitrate solution due to complaints in the past elections that the indelible ink could be easily removed and allow erring voters to vote several times."

The SPR decided against its use for fear that the unscrupulous found a way round this mechanism and open to abuse.

No need reminding the suggestion to use and not use indelible ink came during whose administration, who else but the flip-flopping Pak Lah.

The use of indelible ink as demanded by a devious Ambiga is actually an intention to give a perception and paint Malaysia as being democratically backward.

I find this extremely insulting.

Hoodwink Demand 4) Minimum campaign period of 21 days.

This is the most devious and deadly demand which exposes the devil in Ambiga and her opposition inclinations.

While I do not want to be accused of using the racial card or threats of May 13, the long campaign period was the contributing factor leading to the outburst of clashes in that dark day in Malaysia.

"In not so many words, Tunku, in his book May 13 Before and After, acknowledged that his tolerance for criticism and his decision to allow a campaign period lasting almost three months had been abused and contributed towards the outbreak of the riots."

Why 21 days? Why not 30 days or 45day? Just pluck from the sky, I suppose.

Read prominent blogger Jebat Must Die for a comprehensive, fact laden essay of that fateful day "May 13th 1969 – The Correct View" in 4 parts.

This demand plays nicely into hands of agitators and agent provocateurs which this rally can give opportunity to, if it has not already.

Hoodwink Demand 5) Free and fair access to media

Kedah (State Govt) lifts ban but not for RTM, TV3

Penang (State Govt) slaps ban on Utusan

Get it? Got it? Good.

Madam Ambiga Ga, two wrongs don't make one right. This is what we will expect when the Opposition takes over Putrajaya.

Intolerance. Worse than what you rationalise and quoted below.

I don't see any Barisan Nasional programmes reported in the Selangor Times.

Digressing, does it have a Publishing Permit? I don't see any KDN number printed.

The Sun Daily should sue this brazen woman. Either that or you are not mainstream.

"It is no secret that the Malaysian mainstream media fails to practice proportionate, fair and objective reporting for political parties of all divide."

Madam, you see your friends do not practise what you preach.

Hoodwink Demand 6) Independence of institutions.

The Ex-Bar Chief, confirms another insidious intention of this perverse rally, that is to tarnish and bad mouth the country to the eyes of the outside world, links every institution she mentions but does not have any connection to elections being fair or clean.
"During the launch of the rally on 19 June 2011, BERSIH 2.0 announced that there will be rallies held in UK and Taiwan in solidarity with Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0"

In a way she is right. If they were independent, she would be chief behind many bars by now.

The Police, AG and the Judiciary should throw the book directly to her face.

That she is still out there agitating, contradicts what she implies and demands.

Appropriately for this dum dum lady because she thinks we're dummies, I dedicate this link, about Independence of the Judiciary, "over the land of the free and the home of the brave."

Hoodwink Demand 7) Stop corruption

I have mentioned the Lady Ambiga Ga intention to tarnish the country and the following rationale for the demand is clear evidence of this intent.

She tells the whole world that we are a corrupt society.
"Corruption is a disease that has infected every aspect of Malaysian life."
"Current efforts to eradicate corruption are mere tokens to appease public grouses. We demand that serious action is taken against ALL allegations of corruption, including vote buying".

Why not title the demand "Stop vote buying"?

Hoodwink Demand 8) Stop dirty politics

If anybody comes and tell me politics is clean, that person is either lying thru his teeth or bloody naive.

It's a fact, politics is dirty. Like it or not.

But I would like to know what gutter politics Ga Ga is talking about.

"Malaysians are tired of dirty politics that has been the main feature of the Malaysian political arena. We demand for all political parties and politicians to put an end to gutter politics. As citizens and voters, we are not interested in gutter politics; we are interested in policies that affect the nation."

And what has the above rationale got to do with free and fair elections?

The press statement on the BRRSIH site for the rally launch was June 19th and the sex tape alleging Datuk Seri Anwar as the person, surfaced end March.

Is this the gutter politics that Ambiga Ga is talking about?

If there is evidence against a politician screwing somebody's wife, is that gutter politics for exposing him?

We must be gentlemen. Cannot. That is gutter politics. Eeee Dirty. Yeah right.

Take that person down. More so if he is standing in an election.

Is it gutter politics just because it is unsavoury. That's free elections. Free to speak as long as it's the truth.

It is unfair if you are at the end of the dirty politics no matter that it's the truth.


Dear Ex-Bar Chief Ambiga Rip Van Hoodwinkle, go back and sleep.

Nothing has changed.

It is not that you want change for the good.

You want change for the good of your brethren.

We can see what you are, where you're coming from and where you're leading to.


Eminent members of the Steering Committee, many thanks to your good selves for this wonderful Smear Malaysia campaign.

You must be very proud of yourselves.

With good citizens like you, who needs enemies.


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Anonymous said...

THis is Bersih 2.0 AJK. Only 2 not politician but talk and act like one.

Dato’ AMBIGA SREENEVASAN: Bekas Presiden Majlis Peguam/Pengerusi BERSIH 2.
Semasa jadi Presiden Bar Council, agendanya politik belaka. Jangan hairan akan bertanding atas tiket PKR pada PRU akan datang.

MOHAMAD SABU: Timb. Presiden PAS Pusat/Marshall Perhimpunan.
Si pekak, buta dan sekali gus, bebal pun tak percaya Mat Sabu bukan ahli politik.

MARIA CHIN ABDULLAH: Pengerusi Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti SELANGOR [EMPOWER]/AJK BERSIH.

CHUA Tian-Chang: AP BATU/Marshall Perhimpunan dan AJK Publisiti Perhimpunan.
Stuntman PKR, NGO, parti Fan Yew Ting ... sapa tak kenal ...

Jelas NGO hehehe ...

HASBULLAH MOHD RIDZWAN: Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS SELANGOR/AJK Keselamatan Perhimpunan.

Tangkap kasi pada SPRM. Projek banyak dapat di Selangor.

HISHAMUDDIN RAIS: Aktivis reformasi/AJK Keselamatan Perhimpunan.
Veteran huru hara 1997/98. Kalau bukan ahli PKR pun, dia pro PKR dan Islam liberal. Antara orang pertama patut ditangkap masuk ISA. Sumbat dalam sel dan kasi dia ganja banyak2. Dia akan hisap banyak2 sampai otak dia tercabut.

Dr. HATTA RAMLI: AJK PAS Pusat/AJK Mobilisasi.


SYED IBRAHIM bin SYED NOH: Pengerusi Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA [GMI]/AJK Mobilisasi.
Usahlah nak bersembunyi belakang NGO. Dia terlibat dalam MAFREL. Sah orang PKR. Demo anti ISa adalah demo terakhir Mat Sabu pimpin yang tidak berjaya.

Tengok nanti berapa kerat DAP datang kikiki .... dia patut jadi AJK khusus untuk kudakan PAS.

BADRUL HISHAM SHAHRIN: Pengerusi Solidariti Anak Muda MALAYSIA [SAMM]/AJK Mobilisasi.
Sudahlah sapa tak tahu kau AMK...


Snuze said...

Hah. Bersih 2.0 is just to cover their inadequacies should the PR get swept under the carpet in the next general election.


Freddie Kevin said...


What we are seeing now is a bigger scheme of thing as events unfold.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 18.52

Ramai menyoal BERSIH hajat sebenarnya langsungkan perhimpunan haram ini.

Yang jelas memang bentuk dan beragenda politik.