Friday, June 24, 2011


Sorry guys not politics. Roti and mentega issue, I think. You see, my household faced the full brunt of the water cut KL wide the last two days.

This came to mind, we can't live without water. But which is worse, no water?

Or no electricity?



Snuze said...

Me thinks no water is worst. Poor you, bearing the brunt of the water cut. I was obsessively hoarding water the day before the announced cut commenced and made plans not to drink so much at home so I don't need to ...


I have lived in a kampung where water needs to be hauled from dodgy-looking wells anywhere from 3 metres to nearly half a kilometre from one's dwelling. So yeah, running water is bliss, yo.

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Sorry for the late response.

Me, no electricity is worse. Wont be able to sleep and food going bad in the freezer. No silly box and silly lappies and tabs!

By the way, last pic in the post went unnoticed by you.

Wish you happy things.