Friday, June 24, 2011

Polis Sapu BERSIH

Title sums up my sentiments.

These MFers better be prepared cos they deserve the full force of the law.

Who is this kepala Datuk engkau Ambiga? Bloody 'hak kwai'.

Stupid fucking around or not enough frustrated stooge lawyer. Sue me fucking lawyer. I am talking about you fucking clowning with peoples lives. You wanna take it any other way round that's your fucking problem.

You should be taught this or this.

"Intimidation means – to make people fear which is also a violent end. All demonstrations are disruptive and just because they happen in democracies does not make them democratic or right or civilized or the most mature way to behave. Demonstrators violate other people’s space, they violate other people’s businesses. We are all frustrated but we should seek more constructive outlets for our frustrations and dissatisfaction. We are supposed to be educated people not uneducated peasants."

Another face that makes me wanna puke.

I have very strong views on the matter. What prompted me to post was because one of my staff, a very gentle lady, made a suggestion. That the management make that Saturday July 9, which is a working day for us, be switched with the next Saturday, a non working day.

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