Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shaun Tan-Brain in the Drain, Post Postscript

Snuze, commented in Brain in the Drain,

"I think it takes more guts to stand your ground when you don't have a plan B than to have pseudo-courage when you know when goings get tough, you have an option to get going.

We don't need "superior intellectuals" of this kind in Malaysia. If they think they're too good for us dumb plebs, they can take a hike to more "welcoming" climes."

Dear Snuze,

You're right. But there had always been Plan B in Malaysia.

The egotist in him, like the scorpion, cannot help bragging, his boleh mampu Plan B.

Oi, 3 months (within 2 years) whole family in "the land of sheep" but "Within a few weeks I was bored".

For most of us weekend + maybe 2 days kat Port Dickson pun berat.

And this racist implied/expressed, typical of a opposition indoctrinated mentality, ambil kesempatan.."He remembered the Indonesian racial riots of 1998, and he kept the pulse of rising extremism in Malaysia. If violence ever broke out in Malaysia my family would have a back door, a way out."

What's with the "if violence ever broke out in Malaysia" bit?

By the way, riots in Indonesia kepada siapa?

"Shops owned by Chinese Indonesians were looted,.."

"Properties owned by Chinese Indonesians were the most common targets."

"On 14 May, 1998, in Sidtopo, Surabaya, rioters targeted Chinese-owned stores and homes, burning their contents."

And for this SyaiTan otak longkang tongkang terbalik,

"Chinese Indonesians were angered and felt betrayed by this action, and many fled the area for Malaysia, Singapore, or other locations in Indonesia."

Peruse his racist/bigoted essay closely and you'll pick up more of his idiosyncrasies.

If this SyaiTan feels he is being discriminated, orang putih pun ada rasa.

"For example, 46% of the undergraduates at the University of California’s flagship university, UC-Berkeley, are Asians despite the fact that Asians are only 12% of the state population. These consequences are hardly trivial for Whites."

The poll in that article noted
"However, whites believe that anti-white racism has increased and is now a bigger problem than anti-black racism."
"These data are the first to demonstrate that not only do whites think more progress has been made toward equality than do blacks, but whites also now believe that this progress is linked to a new inequality -- at their expense," note Norton and Sommers. Whites see racial equality as a zero sum game, in which gains for one group mean losses for the other."

Tin kosong will be well advised to note
"And in some parts of the country, it is clear that what defines disadvantage won't be black or brown, it will be white. And we will have to take positive action to help some white groups, what we might call an underclass."

Juxtaposed to Malaysia, it is not unreasonable, to say that issues that concerns a dominant race, is not endemic only in our country.

If detractors start criticising or labelling any of the above articles, rest assured it will be the politicians, political pimps prostituting issues.

Especially race issues.

Seeking cheap publicity DAP acolyte, Hannah Yeoh, and her queen control husband would even go to the extent to use their innocent newly born 7 days old baby, for political mileage. Way to go, Mr Hannah Yeoh.

Politicians do that, its the same even in UK.

"Earlier this month a government report acknowledged that families on the country's poorest estates believe they have been 'betrayed' and 'abandoned' by politicians who favour newly-arrived immigrants."

Will UMNO want to be accused as such?

Concur Snuze, this SyaiTan will find himself quite comfortable in the welcoming climes of UK.

Thanks for the comment

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Snuze said...


*is puffed*

My comment merits a post?

*totally chuffed*

Thank you so much!

I read the other day that the entry requirements for Asian Americans into university are higher than the whites or blacks or hispanics or what constitutes of "lain-lain" in good ole US of A. All because even though they are a minority (for the time being) they score higher for SATs and edges out other candidates.

Awarding merit? Let's pull the other one.

So good luck to Shaun Tan in finding another country that will treat him in the equal manner as he felt he deserved.