Monday, June 13, 2011

Shaun Tan-Brain in the Drain, Postscript

Shaun of his dignity by me for the manner in which the bigot denigrates and humiliates his own country, a day later this report, justifies my vituperation.

Unlike Timothy Lim, Shaun Tan takes the tin kosong short cut route to popularity, Malaysia bashing abroad, to get to the finals.

I read the winner's and the finalist from the Philippines' work, which are more accomplished, and nowhere do they besmirch or are derisive of their own country.

I do not believe for one moment, his no substance Ass"A", made the finals on merit.

It was more the "Shock and Awe". The same strategy used by his fellow alumni, George Dub(le)ya Bush.

"George W. Bush, in fact, may be the most spectacular affirmative-action success story of all time. Until 1994, when he was 48 years old and got elected Governor of Texas, his life was almost empty of accomplishments."

Master Shaun, welcome to the real world or stay the fuck where you are.

Cos I fear your pro(opposhition)creation will create issues like the Hannah Yeohs of this world.


me the martian said...

i was disappointed when i read his prized winning essay. is that all it takes to win?

yawnnnnn. i guess he's better off where he is now.

Freddie Kevin said...

me the martian,

The bigot Tan's ass'A' did not win the contest but made the finals.

Contrast his to the winning entry at the contest link.

Is this the best an ivy leaguer can do or a one off and can this effort be a criterion of the standard of these acclaimed universities? I wonder.

Read about Timothy Lim. The egotist Tan pales in comparison in every aspect.

Thank you for the comment.

Snuze said...

How on earth did a white Christian male from a rich family benefit from affirmative action? Does he even understand what the term means?

*scratches head*

Can. Not. Compute.

Snuze said...

Wait. I finally got it. So coming from a wealthy and privileged family is also a form of affirmative action?

Now I got it.

*brain is fuzzy*

Freddie Kevin said...

Hello Snuze,

or state of snuze :)

Thanks for your comms

Anonymous said...

i finds more of this guy's shit here:

look at the arrogant way he writes, this egotist think he's so smart. ppl like him is disgrace and should fuckoff from peaceful Malaysia. GET OUT!!!!!!

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 11.26,


Thanks for the link. But by the little bit, pun intended, the tochang naik manage to scrape ad hominem, is plenty to affirm the racist and egotist in him.

Thank you for dropping a comment.