Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim-When The Malaysian Insider Spin Get Backside Burnt

Shannon Teoh will probably get an earful for an attempted spin, "Anwar: GE13 ours thanks to Bersih", gone awry. Anwar Ibrahim has captured the imagination of the opposhits and their comments are less than complimentry.

"Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is confident of winning the country's next general election on the back of momentum fuelled by public anger over the Najib administration's clampdown on the July 9 Bersih rally."

What is actually reported by various online news portals by Eileen Ng of AP

"Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told The Associated Press on Wednesday that his three-party alliance could win general elections widely expected next year because its support has risen after a government crackdown on a rally for electoral reforms."

Anwar oh Anwar. Some savoury comments.
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+93 Vote up Vote down Sceptic · 6 hours ago
You said the same thing for the Sarawak elections!

+129 Vote up Vote down shuk · 6 hours ago
Even if PAKATAN win this coming election,I hope the one who will lead us wont be anwar,he's too much of a baggage,someone from PAS or DAP will be more appropriate or someone from PKR who is credible,clean and trustworthy,the daughter looks promising............. Report Reply
3 replies · active less than 1 minute ago

+29 Vote up Vote down DurianCake · 5 hours ago
I couldn't agree more. Coming out and saying all that he's saying now, to me, just reinforces what BN has been harping on about BERSIH being "opposition's ploy to overturn the govt". Now, I disagree with that completely because I believe BERSIH is in and of itself neutral and apolitical, but it can be used as a tool by the opposition to latch on to garner more support, which is what Anwar is doing right now! I say he should STOP! Do not tarnish the people's will, credibility and the magic of Bersih! I certainly don't want someone who doesn't know when to keep mum to lead us. I was all for Anwar the last GE, but now I'm afraid people have moved forward and he is a little bit of a has-been

+49 Vote up Vote down anonymous · 6 hours ago
please please please. as much as i support PR's cause, but i really dont like this GUY! he loves to brag, and in the end still no results!!! Report Reply
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+4 Vote up Vote down akeng · 3 hours ago
I couldnt agree with you more. He did it on 16 September 2008, he did it in Sarawak election. He is the guy of impatience, ruckus and clumsy..... Report Reply
0 Vote up Vote down aries · 5 hours ago

+17 Vote up Vote down yearofsnake · 5 hours ago
Why don't you blow your Trumpet after the general election and avoid the fiasco after the 2008 GE when you announced that there will be Frogs jumping to PR. Please concentrate on getting candidates of integrity and intelligence not like some of the Donkeys and Monkeys which you recruited for the 2008 elections. Report Reply
0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago
The opposhits are getting wiser.

Tun Dol and Madam Ambigous. Some whisperings of Ku Li.

I wonder.


Then again.

Nehhh, cannot be.


The Malaysian Instigator gets caught again! Hover over link and read the URL ( for original title of article.

It's now titled "Anwar: GE13 win possible thanks to Bersih"


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