Saturday, July 30, 2011

BERSIH Shit - Biometrics and Indelible Ink

I have again and again pointed out that no matter what evidence you provide, the dunggus and lembus, the so called educated like Marina Mahathir and the "learned academicians" will not and choose not to accept/believe.

Idiots and hypocrites.

Even when the BERSHIT have been proven to be foreign funded for specific agendas and thereby false, also by the inclusion of 4 "demands" that has got nothing to do with the Election Commission, these fools and hypocrites will continue with their idiocy.

Even though the BERSHIT has been debunked, the bastard entity and the ever exploiting fuckatans are now aggressively advocating the use of Quinks, indelible of course.

Never mind that it has been proven to be open to abuse and more so the EC has explained that it's use is ultra vires the Federal Constitution.

My advise, stop contributing to EPF.

With all the the deliberate skepticism and criticism of it's eventual implementation, you had better demand your boss to stop deducting your salary to the EPF.

The Biometric system is so prone to manipulation that YOUR money and the BILLIONS of Ringgit in the EPF is not safe.

When you reach the withdrawal age, the EPF will ask for your biometric Mykad to determine you are not a phantom contributor. That you are not dead.

"The security features incorporated as part of the Multi-Application Smart Terminals serve to minimise fraudulent transactions when applying for government and commercial services, such as passports, credit cards, EPF and money withdrawals."

Especially the Daddy Warbucks salary earning. You better go check your EPF balance at the nearest EPF smart kiosk. It's not safe, they say.

"Biometrics provides a secure and reliable means over
traditional authentication method."

Or you can go to an "EASY" branch where you can also apply for a loan.

Processing time below ten minutes and no forms to fill. The main advantage of EASY is that it is extremely convenient and fast. All transactions are paperless and can be completed within ten minutes. The breakthrough application is the ability to approve loans and disburse cash within ten minutes without compromising credit quality. This is only possible in Malaysia with a combination of the following:
(1) Use of MyKAD - Every Malaysian citizen carries an identity card (known as MyKAD), which has a microchip embedded that stores detailed personal information. Each loan applicant is required to scan his/her MyKAD together with a fingerprint biometric scan to verify the cardholder's identity.
(2) EPFs database - Through its collaboration with EPF, RHB is able to link up with the EPF database to gain instant access to salary and savings records of loan applicants.
(3) Credit bureau - Malaysia also has a well-established credit bureau that has been in operation since 1982 with comprehensive credit information on all borrowers in the banking system. With the MyKAD, RHB is able to tap the credit bureau database to check on the credit exposure and debt service record of loan applicants

Why are the fuckatans not mentioning the wide use of Biometric technology in the EPF as proof of easy manipulation and fraud?

Proof again the BERSHIT and the exploiting fuckatan parties call for Quink use is another scam, a History Supreme proportion hoax, to fool the unsuspecting.

Their supporters being fools don't suspect.

The educated and so called "learned academicians" are hypocrites.

They know but look or pretend to be unsuspecting.

Bloody fucking hypocrites.

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