Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Malaysia Most Expensive Yacht In The World-It's True!

The original from Baia.

Yes, it's true. It's phony, fake, scam, con and whatever.

First stage doubts, "The £3 billion golden superyacht: real or fake?"
"Then there's the fact that by adding 100 metric tons to the craft's original 80-ton weight, it would be sitting so low in the water (or more likely under it) so as to make it unusable. Renowned motor boat designer Bernard Olesinski even went as far as to say there was only a "1% chance" of the boat being viable."

Then confirmation.

Mario Borselli, sales manager at Baia, told MBY: "Who would believe that a boat would have 100 tons of gold on board? They took some pictures from our website without our permission.
"We will write him a letter asking him to take them down, but we are not thinking to go legal.
It's such a stupid story it's not worth it."

Baia was earlier mentioned. "There is a comment with a link mentioned and is provided here"


Now you know why Robert Quok would not dignify the hoax with any comment.

Hardy Ha Ha.

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