Friday, July 1, 2011

Zairil Khir Johari-Another Face That Make Me Wanna Puke

First and foremost I must ask, was it the powers that be at TMI or your self, that took an inauspicious time to publish your impotent article?

Hiding it certainly seems, behind a current KOTOR issue with an innocuous title, hoping that your crappy piece will or will not gain any or no attention.

Your article is so filled with nonsensical tripe that I will not waste too much time to criticise para by para, as you and the article, do not deserve my precious time and blog space.

You are the perfect glove to fit the typical tochang naik Daddy And Progeny party.

As with any criminal getting caught by leaving crucial evidence behind unnoticed by the perpetrator, you felt a "tad slighted" but the kiasu in you couldn't help slighting the ceremonial uniform as "number one". In the very first para no less.

The "Malay in you felt vexed" but the biaDAP in you took a very profound and truly meaningful Malay adage and in a very unMalay fashion call it, crude.

No amount of your pontificating will ever justify your Chinese comrades in arms for their kurang ajar attitude which you mitigate rather than reprimand.

Lastly, I do not know whether you have any children and if you do or have any coming, I beg a question,

En Zairil Khir Johari, apakah keturunan anak tuan yang dituliskan semasa/sekira memohon surat beranak? Anak Malaysia ke Melayu?

But I do have the time to publish your tadak otak face that makes me wanna puke.

By the way since you artfully mentioned "institutionalised Islamisation", could you please give your most non-conforming professional opinion of Christian fanatism by this person said to be an acquaintance of your Tai Kor?

And if you happen to meet that person, give her a special message from me,


from the bottom of my arse which the DAP are so fond of licking.


anti DAP said...

Brother...i have just bumped into your blog and i loved it! Dude, keep up the good work man..seriously! We are always behind u! and to chan lilian, FUCK YOU TOO..and to that zairil, well fuck him. He is not popular among the malays, so since dah tak de support, cari bangsa lain lorr..hahaha

Freddie Kevin said...

anti DAP,

Out of respect to his father, the late Tan Sri Khir, give this young chiku some face, even tho it make me wanna puke.

If not I would spew more skunk juice on the ungrateful ingrate.

Thanks for the support. you are welcome anytime.

Snuze said...

Apparently, Zairil Khir Johari bin ABDULLAH is his full name. He is actually the stepson of the late Tan Sri Khir Johari and is a Chinese by birth.

Really, he is just DAP's attempt to pull wool over our eyes that they are a truly multiracial party.

Freddie Kevin said...

Thanks Snuze. Read that post and my comments are there.

I am sure he will be a candidate, in Penang, in the next GE and in a safe DAP predom Chinese area.

When win, like you say, konon2 multi-racial!